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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

M is for Monster - Preschool in a Box

Where, oh where was M is for Monster when I had toddlers and preschoolers? This "preschool in a box" is one subscription box you will adore if you have young children!

Bitsy #1 went to an adorable little small-town preschool. For much of that school year, we were living with my parents while we house-hunted. The preschool was a perfect fit for her and it didn't break the bank. But when Bitsy #2 was ready for preschool, we had moved into our home. We weren't very far away, but it was far enough and to a bigger town--we saw a big jump in the cost of preschool! Ouch!

Bitsy #2 ended up with quite the diverse preschool experience! One year, we had a little co-op with some friends from church. We'd each take a day to have the preschoolers in our home. It was wonderful! The next year, we were on a waiting list for a small preschool he ended up going to for the 2nd semester. But that 1st semester was pretty chaotic! Bitsy #2 was SO ready for school. I was constantly scouring the internet for ideas and searching stores for specific supplies for our lessons. It was exhausting! Looking back, M is for Monster would have been a perfect fit for us. 

That's my experience. I know as parents, we each have very unique experiences with our children. I am all for doing what works best for your family and your children. So if preschool boxes fit in to your toddler and preschooler experiences, I'd highly recommend trying M is for Monster.

M is for Monster was designed by a stay at home mom with too much to do. She spent many hours per week planning and shopping for things to do with her kids that week. She wanted to make other stay at home mom and dads jobs easier as well as working moms and dads who wanted to help their children grow. M is for Monster has themed weekly learning activities with all the supplies included for you and delivers them right to your door! No more planning and shopping and spending too much money on extra supplies!

Above is an example of some of the goodies in the May 2015 box. You will love the play-based learning activities geared toward your toddler or preschooler. Hop on over to M is for Monster to check out this amazing subscription box. You won't be sorry!

You can also like them on Facebook for updates. Then check out the blog for freebies! Yay! Free printables and free monthly lesson plans. Amazing!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fun Printables For the End of the School Year

It's June and that means that school is almost out for summer! I've taken a few minutes to put together a list of all our fun printables for the end of the school year. If you don't see something you're looking for, I'm always happy to take custom orders. Just let me know!

We have these fun last day of school printable signs. They are instant downloads, so you can print immediately after you purchase! 

Or if you're looking for something a little more personal, we have fun customized last day of school printables in a variety of colors. This is a great photo prop! Just print, have your child hold, and snap some quick photos. What a great way to remember all your child's favorites from this school year.

Does your little one ride a school bus? Here's a sweet and simple bus driver printable. Print and pop it in a frame or turn it into a card for your child to write a note to that special bus driver!

Don't forget our FREE PRINTABLE over on Somewhat Simple. This printable teacher newspaper is perfect on its own or paired with your favorite teacher gift. The best part? It's free!


Are you feeling ambitious and want to make something on your own? You may enjoy some of our clipart sets at BitsyClips. All our digital art and paper sets are instant downloads, so you can start creating right away.

If you have a few more weeks like we do, you may enjoy these awesome teacher notepads. (We had so many snow days this year, the kids are going until June 18th! Wow!)

I hope you all have an amazing summer!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Do you work from home?

Friends, as a work at home mom and a member of a few online mom communities, one of the questions I see time and time again is, "Are there legitimate work at home options for moms?"

Over the next few weeks, I'll be collecting different stories from you, Dear Readers, to share with those moms who ask in the future. If you have a story you'd like to share, please contact me with a short paragraph about your experience as a work at home mom. These can be stories about how you make it work as a blogger, freelancer, artist, etc. (The story you share with me now will not be published. It will help me determine who will be chosen to contribute.)

If you tried something that did not work and think it would be helpful for our readers to hear about it, I'd love to see your thoughts, too.

If you're chosen to contribute to our on-going feature on working from home, we'll ask that you write a blog post that will be published here on the BitsyCreations. It will be shared all over social media and we'll link to your business website, facebook, pinterest--wherever you'd like!

I can't wait to hear from you!

Please note: I'll be limiting the number of direct sales stories to those with unique experiences.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Win a FREE Printable from BitsyCreations Plus a $25 Amazon Gift Card

I am so excited about this giveaway! You can win a FREE Printable from BitsyCreations PLUS a $25 Amazon Gift card. There are so many ways to enter! Just have a look below. If you have any questions, please let me know!

The giveaway starts TODAY, April 13th and goes until late Friday, April 17th.

No purchase is necessary to be entered, but if you purchase a printable from BitsyCreations between now & Friday, you will be entered in the giveaway FIVE times! The best part is, all printables are 50% off right now! Woohoo!

ONE winner will be chosen. Winner will receive $25 gift card AND choice of one printable from Printable Wall Art section of (This only includes our $5 printables. Custom printables are excluded from the prize.) Please be sure to follow the guidelines in the form below to enter this giveaway. If your name is chosen as a winner & you have not, for example, left a comment, your entry will be disqualified.

Here are a few of our favorite printables:


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Free Conference Printables from BitsyCreations - April 2015

 It's General Conference time! Hooray for the #ldsconf hashtag popping up all over social media. For quite a few years now, I've been creating free printables from General Conference quotes. Now, there are so many who create quote art immediately after it's said! These are an excellent way to share the word of God & I love them.

If you're patient, you can enjoy seeing my artwork, too. My quote art printables are all high resolution JPGs ready to print at 8x10 inches or smaller. See the quotes below. Underneath each quote is a link to print it or pin it.

You can do quite a lot with these printables:
- Share on social media
- Choose a goal and print one as a reminder
- Print and share with a friend--take home or visiting teaching
- Print smaller (maybe 4 to a sheet?) and take along when you teach a lesson at church

Do you have a favorite quote already? Make sure to like BitsyCreations on Facebook and tell me! I'll make a printable for you.

General Conference weekend means lots of things, but one thing it means to me is family time. So as I mentioned, if you're patient, you'll see more of my quote art here. Please be sure to check back. You can see all my freebies here or on Pinterest here.

Women's Session

Saturday Morning

Linda K. Burton quotes a poem or proverb from Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier. "Thee lift me and I'll lift thee, and we'll ascend together."
PRINT it here 

Saturday Afternoon

“If we don’t try, we’re just latter-day sinners; if we don’t persevere, we’re latter-day quitters; and if we don’t allow others to try, we’re just latter-day hypocrites. As we try, persevere, and help others to do the same, we are true Latter-day Saints.” - Dale G. Renlund
PRINT it here 

Priesthood Session

Sunday Morning

Sunday Afternoon

“...try to bring the entire picture into focus, keeping in mind what the final result will be. "
- Rafael E. Pino

No other work transcends that of  righteous, intentional parenting."
- Russell M. Nelson

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Year in Review Clipart Set from BitsyClips

Here is a UNIQUE and FUN new clipart set! Have you seen those adorable "year in review" family newsletter holiday cards? Why not make your own? I put together a set of useful banners and icons to make the perfect holiday cards this year.

Available in my new clipart shop on Etsy, BitsyClips:

This unique clipart set is perfect for creating your own "Year in Review" holiday cards! A huge 61 piece digital art set, it includes adorable little icons and banners ready to use in your card design. Perfect for personal use or commercial use. Includes banners, ribbons, snowflakes, stars, people icons, baby icons, pet icons, "year in review" labels, and labels for graduation, birthdays, travel, achievements, and more! Colors are red, green, blue, and silver/gray--perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, or generic winter themed cards. 


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