Monday, July 21, 2008

Recycled Stationery

Not too long ago, I ran across quite a few people looking for recycled stationery. They said it was nearly impossible to find! After many years of making greeting cards, I decided to have a go at stationery. It turned out wonderfully!

I currently have four designs, but plan on adding more. They currently come in sets of 15 sheets of paper with 10 envelopes. Of course, as always, I'm happy to change the quantity.

The paper and envelopes are 100% de-inked post consumer recycled materials. Post consumer waste makes the most environmentally friendly products because it is simply garbage that would normally be thrown out--magazines, newspapers, etc.

You can see my other designs at Bitsy's Greetings on Etsy or on my website.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not much news...

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! We've had a lot going on in the BitsyCreations household! ;) My husband just graduated from college! Hooray!! I am SO proud of him! He managed to complete his degree while holding a part time job AND being a husband and father!!
The poor guy has been applying for jobs left & right. It's a really rough time to be looking for a job, isn't it? If anyone knows of any biotechnology jobs out there, let us know!
So we're kind of in limbo since we don't know where we'll be by Summer's end. Until then, a lot of my time & efforts have been going to help him with the job hunt.
Be back soon with some great new projects. *Hopefully!*

Monday, July 7, 2008

Redoing My Website

Well, I'm re-doing my website.... again. Please come take a look & let me know what you think! I'd love your input & feedback. It's still under construction, but I hope to keep the layout the same. My #1 goal is to keep it organized and easy to navigate, so please let me know if you don't think it's either!! :)


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