Friday, October 17, 2008

By Popular Demand...

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I put together a little holiday promotion postcard. I love to spread the word about Etsy and thought the holidays would be the perfect time!
I offered to put a photo of your products on the postcard, print them, & send them out with my orders.
I also made it available for download so you could get them printed or print them yourself!

Well, the response has been incredible! I have had numerous inquiries about how to get on this postcard! The idea has been loved! So I'm doing it again!

Unfortunately, I can't print many of these as I did get a bunch of the last batch printed & am still handing them out, but I'll absolutely make it available for you to print. Plus others will see it here on my blog when they stop by.

So if you'd like to be included, just give me a shout & let me know which item from your shop you'd like on the card. I have space for
shops (and this is FREE!). Here's what the card looks like. (It's a 5x7 inch front & back.)

Or maybe you want a postcard all to yourself? I'm now offering to customize this one-sided postcard with six of your own product photos! For $15, I'll put in your photos, change the etsy web address, and send you the high resolution file ready to have printed (or print yourself)! Just e-mail me the photos or tell me which ones from your shop to use & I'll pull them from the web myself. You can purchase by checking out below. (Simply choose Paypal or Google Checkout with the buttons below. (I also RME, but of course, couldn't figure out their buttons. Bah!)  This is also available in my Etsy shop,


S T E P P I E said...

I'd love to be included!

Hmm... maybe you can help me pick out something? Maybe one of my journals or tote bags?

Yay - thanks!

piggy said...

I would LOVE to be include.. Can you convo me to tell me how?

Love One World Zero said...

You're awesome! Wonderful!!!

psst.. how do you put a buy button on a blog?

EBSpider said...

Can you include me on the postcard? I would love for this item to be included:

EBSpider said...

I'd like to be included on the postcard with this item:

Teresa said...

*Shouts out* :D

Me! I would like to be included in your lovely postcard. Pretty please? :)

If possible, please include my Cute Owls card set. Hmmm... Or should I choose the Blue Bird card set? :)


Maisyh said...

I love the idea of a promo card! Let's talk when you are settled after your house move x


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