Monday, November 17, 2008

Grammar & Spelling For Small Business Owners

Well, I've been toying with this idea for awhile; I think I need to start a weekly or monthly post designated to giving grammar and spelling lessons to small business owners.  What do you think?

I've been holding back a little because I don't want to step on any toes or give off the impression I think I'm better than other people... but this seems to be a real problem!  I see mistakes time and time again in very important places!

For example, if you create and sell your own stationery, please, please, please make sure you spell it with an 'e'!  StationEry is correct.  It's what you write on and send in the mail.  StationAry means an object that doesn't move.

Some people may not notice these mistakes, but many will!  I guarantee it!  For example, a fabulous repeat client of mine recently had me design some postcards for her.  She mentioned where she'd have them printed so I could make sure the specs were correct.  The site looked wonderful!  It was professionally built and offered something a lot of my clients look for: printing on recycled paper!  I thought to myself, "Wow!  This is great.  I'm going to refer a lot of people here, I'm sure."

But do you know what?  As soon as I started looking a little deeper at the site, I could not believe how many mistakes there were including my favorite: stationAry.

Any thoughts?  Is this something you need help with?  Would you read it if I posted?  Would you take my advice and not get offended? :)


Jan said...

Poor spelling in writing pieces(especially with Spell Checkers so available) and using the wrong form of a word are definitely two of my pet peeves too! (especially it's versus its!) I'm a bit of a grammar freak myself.

I guess you could do some articles, and folks could choose to read them or not.

It's worth a try!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

OMG! Fabulous idea! I've been guilty of the stationary/stationery thing before too (in fact I still think it says "stationary" on Etsy and my blog!) Must fix that ASAP!

The best part is, I was an English major and was a writer/editor before I started designing! I know better!!

Pamela Susan said...

I think that is a wonderful idea! I would be very interested in them. :)

Angie said...

I think that you have the ability to say things in such a way as to be able to provide useful information without offending. And I think it is great that you are emphasizing that this is for printed work, primarily. I am a strong believer that there is a very big difference between conversational writing- times like this, when beginning a sentence with "but" or "and" is entirely appropriate, and formal writing. To me, any time something will be published, printed, or put up on a billboard- you really have to go with the "official" rules. Even though, my favorite thing about language is that it is so fluid.

Are you familiar with the Oatmeal? Or Hyperbole and a Half? Both have some really well done and (funny!) lessons on spelling/grammar/word usage.

leigh said...

I would differently read your blog and not be offened, in fact, if you wanted to, you could go to my shop and show me everything I need to correct and how to put an intelligent sentence together. lol :)
I have enjoyed and learned from just the little I have read here so far. After being out of school for 40 years you need a refresher course. Thanks Leigh @ etsy/


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