Wednesday, December 10, 2008

By Popular Demand: Grammar & Spelling Lesson #2

Well, I had a few people comment here on my blog and many people comment outside my blog... and the overwhelming result is that YES! I should blog about common misspellings and misuses of words.

Today, I bring you the misuse of the simplest of words in our language: "I".  The biggest mistake I see is when people are speaking about themselves in photographs.  You're wandering around facebook or other social media sites and you see a photo labeled,

"Mark and I"

It's wrong!
What should it be?

"Mark and me"

Somewhere along the line, people got it into their heads that it is incorrect to refer to yourself as "me".  It just isn't the case.  Sometimes "me" is correct!

Think about it this way.  Take "Mark" out completely.  Would you say, "This is a photo of I"?  No!  You would say, "This is a photo of me."  Therefore, you should say, "This is a photo of Mark & me."

While I'm on the subject of "I" usage, I want to mention the OVERuse of the word "myself."  Think before you use this word.  There are, in actuality, very few times you'll use this word.  If you can use the word "I", use it!  I bet you've heard this:

"Who will be joining us?"

"Jamie, Tom, and myself."

The correct thing you should say is, "Jamie, Tom, and I will be joining you."

If you can use "I", use it.

You may be asking what this has to do with your small business.  Simply stated: you're everywhere!  When I make a purchase on Etsy, I usually connect a little with the artist.  Find her blog, follow him on Facebook, etc.  You represent your small business everywhere you are, so why not represent well?

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Lisa-Marie said...

YES! THANK YOU! I always try to use the "i" and "me" correctly and feel like I AM THE ONE with poor grammar since no one else does it correctly!!! Plus, in this part of the country, people have terrible grammar. Did you notice that when you were here? Ack! I'm not perfect, but I try!

Thanks again for the wonderful invite you created today! You are wonderful to work with!


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