Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Kokeshi Doll Flat Notecards

Sometimes when I'm stressed, I get a little down.  Touchy.  Cranky.

I've found that if I create something happy & upbeat, I usually snap right out of it.

Does this tell you I've been uber-stressed lately?! :)  Ha!!

This sweet set of notecards is available at Bitsy's Greetings on Etsy.  (And will be available shortly on my website.)


Barbra said...

Love the cards and they don't show any stress. I answered the tagging requirements. I also graduated high school at 16...we're such smarties!

Teresa said...

That's really cute! Crafting is such a cathartic thing. I hope you're not too stressed out anymore! :)

The Queen Of Re said...

They are really adorable.

Shauna said...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)


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