Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're Moving...

*Whew*  We're in the process of moving!  You're probably thinking I've disappeared.  Well, I haven't... I'm just in hiding. ;)  The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind for our little family.  My husband graduated from college & had no luck finding a job where we were, so we moved in with my parents temporarily to look for a job back home.  Sucess!  He found a job & loves every second of it, so we've now found our own place.  We're in love.  100% in love.  Okay, maybe 99%, but that's still pretty good.

So I'm here, just not as much as usual... but things will be back to normal--no, better--in about another week!!!  I can't wait!

Make sure to check out my sale in the meantime. ;)

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