Friday, February 13, 2009

Fashion... puke.

Fashion really makes me want to puke.  Graphic, I know, but true!

Here's the thing... I was 100% tom boy when I was growing up.  I really didn't care about fashion.  I usually just grabbed something and stuck it on.  I loved unique & I loved getting a laugh.  Like... the Vans shoes I had in multiple colors.  ;)

It's still semi-true.  (Yes, I'm a mother of two and I have AND WEAR hot pink Chucks.... with my name embroidered on them, thank you very much for that fantastic Christmas present to my adorable hubby!!)  Anyway, it's semi-true.  I like to look nice, but I rarely CARE about fashion.  And now the problem is that after so many years of not caring, I DON'T KNOW about fashion.  Where do I even start?!

I've been telling myself and telling myself I need new clothes.  We just haven't had the money for awhile since my husband was in school full time for the past four years.  But now we have a relatively normal life and with a great tax return coming, I HAVE to get new clothes.

But where do I start?!  I've had a few suggestions from friends that I think I'll check out, but I'd love some input.  I think I need lessons.  Or someone to just do it for me--lol!  On that note, it reminded me of a client from quite awhile ago!  I created a logo package for a lovely lady who runs "Outfitkit" on ecrater.  Go check it out.  So fun. ;)  She has entire outfits put together ready for you to purchase--and at reasonable prices.  Most include a dress (or pants & a top) with a bag, earrings, bracelet... the whole shebang!  And she has shoes.  I'm drooling over these... if only they were half a size smaller.

I know you're thinking I'm nuts at this point since I just declared I'm a fashion moron... but here I am drooling over shoes.  So the truth is, I LOVE bags & shoes.  My closet is full.... just not of clothes. ;)

So help!!  Help!


Shauna said...

Hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day! ♥ Hugs :)

Bekah: said...

ohh joan, i'd LOVE to help. i got it from my momma and love fashion, within reason. i am a firm believer that every momma/wife should feel pretty and have go-to pieces she loves. and it dosen't have to break the bank!

e-mail me and we can start chatting about it!


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