Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review Monday 4/27

Well, I'm sorry to say that Movie Review Monday won't last long if we have another weekend like this past one. Who knows if it was the baby (still) not sleeping, the fact that we were running around all weekend, or just that I really had no interest, but I kept falling asleep!!!

Joshua has been craving Batman Returns for some reason, so we rented it from Netflix. We had to split it up into two nights because I fell asleep! Too bad I fell asleep on our second attempt, too!! Poor hubby. He was searching the instant watch movies on Netflix yesterday and saw we could watch Ghostbusters, so after we put the kids to bed, we started it. And guess what! Three nights in a row, I fell asleep. And I love Ghostbusters!!! Seriously, who wouldn't? Such a classic.

Ahwell, maybe next weekend.

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Carrie said...

I love ghostbusters too!! We took your advice last week and rented Bedtime Stories, and it was really great! Thanks for that suggestion! We do look forward to more once you are able to stay awake!


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