Sunday, April 26, 2009

SuperMoms of Summer

With the impending Summer Vacation, I've noticed a few moms out there wondering what they'll do about their businesses over the summer while their children are home from school. It made me realize just how many successful WAHMs are out there! I thought it would be a learning experience (if only for myself) to do a few interviews and post some features here on my blog over the summer. I'm sending out e-mails and getting fantastic results so far. I can't wait to share! My plan is to do one feature every week May - August. As each feature is posted, I'll add a link here.

This won't be for just moms of older children, though! I hope it will be useful for all WAHMs and hopeful WAHMs out there! I have two young children at home, so I don't know anything about summer vacation just yet! ;)

I'm including a button below for you to put on your own blog or website to let others know about the SuperMoms of Summer! It's a great way to let other moms know about some great knowledge that will be shared. There's also a special button if you've been a featured mom! (Just copy the code below and paste it onto your blog or website--It's all ready to link back here to the WAHM feature.)

The schedule (not yet complete):
1 May: Karina of Soap That Makes Scents: Read here.
8 May: Justine of Plume Adore: Read here.
15 May: Tara of Modernality: Read here.

5 June: Kiley of gogovivi: Read here.
12 June: Angela of Dolce Baci Boutique: Read here.

10 July: Kate of Strawberry Moonbeam and Interlaunch: Read here.
17 July: Julie of Jules Mae and Candy Apple Illustrations: Read here.

14 August: Meredith of Tilley Jewels: Read here.
21 August: Jessica of BabyThingsbyJessica: Read here.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Love this! I have been wondering what to do with my three kiddo's and how to balance enjoying summer with them and maintaining my work load. Sounds like a great group. Thanks for posting!

Frenchell said...

I am totally excited to read this! I love summer with my definately gets intresting to say the least!

Bekah: said...

cool idea. you are so creative!

Splendid Things said...

Great! I was just wondering this morning what I would do this summer when both of the boys were home. Still not sure!....

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful idea!

Modernality said...

Such a wonderful thing to do! Us moms need all the support we can get! :)


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