Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We just couldn't help ourselves...

The cat saga continues...

Short story: We had a sweet Muffin (grey sweetie above) who passed last December due to an inoperable tumor on her jawbone. It was so very difficult to lose her, but our home was so empty without a cat to love, so we researched & finally found a kitten we knew we'd love. Fred (white & grey kitten above) came to our home for just two short months. He had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and we had to put him down. It progressed SO quickly & was so... yucky... for lack of a better word. It was hard on us all since we had lost our Muffin just months before.

But Joshua jumped right on the "let's get a new cat" bandwagon. I was ready to wait a little while because I've been feeling like we have some sort of cat curse, but one trip to the shelter and here we are with a new cat!! Going to the shelter is such an ordeal for me! I just want to love on every cat there & bring every single one home. I get so sad seeing them in their tiny little cages with hardly enough room to stretch out. We chatted with a few of the cats there & fell absolutely head over heels in love with Charlie.

Charlie is a bear of a cat. At 15 pounds he feels bigger than our one year old!! You can tell from this photo that he's already made himself at home... yes, that's our dining room table. He has such a sweet nature & loves attention. He's very easy-going and adores the children. Here's a photo of our daughter reading to him! hehe

We already feel he's blessed our family in the short few days he's been with us. I'm so glad he feels at home--The first night here, he just stretched out across our bed and I couldn't help but think how grateful he must be for all this space. I'm so glad we can spread our love & provide a home for Chuck. ;)


Splendid Little Stars said...

What a wonderful story! It sounds like Charlie fits right in. Charlie looks something like our black and white cat Oliver.
We had a cat we loved for 16 years. She had to be put down--painful, awful, sad. We waited a year and then went looking at shelters. We got 2 cats this time from a women who takes in abused and abandoned cats. Oliver won our hearts when he reached out of his cage towards us. He still does this (no, not in a cage). He may be sitting in a chair next to one of us and he will reach out his paw onto our leg--very endearing.
Here's wishing you and your family--and Charlie--lots of love and good times.

Penelope Anne said...

YAY CHARLIE! Im so happy for the new member of your fam! Thats Fab xo

Jessie said...

Aww, Joan! Charlie is wonderful. 15lbs! Wow.

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat woes. I'm sure it was so heartbreaking for everyone. But you are a wonderful family for rescuing a shelter cat!

Best of luck with your new boy!!


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