Friday, May 22, 2009

My Sweetheart

Have I mentioned that I love my husband?  I think sometimes I feel like it goes without saying, but I should say it more often.  I stinking adore him.  I'll try not to be too mushy, but we really are best friends & I don't know what I'd do without him. 

Why am I telling you?  Because I just overheard the funniest thing in the other room. :)  The background:  Joshua (said husband) worked crazy hours this week so he's home today.  I have LOADS to get finished, so he's playing with the kids while I work.  More background: One of our favorite books to read together is "Where the Wild Things Are".  Joshua is SO good at reading that book!  He always says, "I'll eat you up!" in the funniest voice.

So I hear the kids & Joshua playing in the other room & Joshua's doing voices for the various little animals... and I hear, "And the pony says, 'I'll eat you up!... but not before I comb my hair!"  I'm assuming it was a My Little Pony! hehe  Hilarious. :)  He's so good to please both the son AND the daughter. :)

Anyway, we're having some family time so you won't see much of me for about a week. :)

I'll be back later today for the SuperMom of Summer feature!  Don't you worry!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Stationery Line! Eee!!

Introducing... My new line of stationery! A little story... We have some friends who are adopting the most precious little man I've ever met. (Okay, minus MY little man.) I missed the shower--Sorry, but Saturdays are absolutely 100% insane here--and so I thought I'd like to give them something they could use. Well, duh! Thank you cards, right? But I thought--why not make them something they can use for more than just thank yous?

Tadaaa! Here's what I came up with:

Cute, right? But you can choose color, font, cardstock, envelope color, AND the graphic! *whew* They come in beautiful clear boxes & with fantastic ribbon. (I'm a little nuts about ribbon... if I haven't mentioned that before.)

I have loads of graphics to choose from--It's amazing what drawings I have stashed away from projects that never turned out. (Yes, all these graphics ARE my own, from scratch, so please do not copy or reproduce.)

Seriously, though, folks--I need something better to call this than, "Personalized Stationery Boxed Set"--it screams boring and these sets are anything but boring!! Help? I'll throw something free your way. Really, I will.

They're available now at Bitsy's Greetings on Etsy and will shortly be available on my website. They come in boxed sets of ten or twenty cards & envelopes. YAY! Tell your friends. Tell them. Go on. nnnnnnNow.

P.S.--These sets are available for wholesale. Contact me.
(All illustrations belong to and were created by BitsyCreations & may not be copied or reproduced. ©2009 BitsyCreations)

Friday, May 15, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Modernality

Meet Tara, owner of Modernality, a shop on Etsy that offers unique home decor. Go! Take a look at the shop! You'll be in love! Never have I seen such beauty and talent in felt. And trust me, I've tried my hand at felt. Yikes. Double yikes. I believe I'll leave that up to the professionals from now on.
But felt is not all you'll find at Modernality. Tara offers pillow covers of all fabrics and styles. From Geek Chick to Modern, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your home or gift for a loved one. Modernality also offers wall hangings, placemats, and pin cushions in absolutely fabulous colors. As a graphic designer, I'd like to think I have an eye for color combinations. I LOVE what Tara puts together.
Before motherhood, Tara was a director at a gymnastics facility (she still substitute teaches occasionally). She also has a degree in Psychology. She says, "So if anyone gets too stressed about their business and needs to talk, my door is always open!!" Hilarious! I think she may be on to something. ;) Tara says, "I never in a million years imagined I would say as a kid, 'I want to be a pillow designer and gymnastics teacher when I grow up...' My mother would have fallen out of her chair. I always wanted to be a physical therapist or a rock star, of course." But her mom, who is also an artist, is thrilled with what she does and will soon be designing some pillows for Tara to make!
Now, Tara runs Modernality as she stays home with her sweet nine month old son. She has the support of a wonderful husband. She, like many crafters out there has "a room full of weird stuff that I will never use or sell" But she says it wsa great practice! She "workred really hard at honing my skills as a pillow maker and [is] a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing." And can't you tell by looking at these beautiful masterpieces?

Tara says she gets most of her work done during his nap time & deals with all the things so many of us moms do--Do I work? Do I EAT LUNCH?! "Being a mom is hard--probably the toughest thing I've ever done...But at the end of the day, when I watch my son sleeping, the joy I feel is overwhelming."
In the future, Tara will continue to bring her many pillow ideas to life. She wants to open a second shop eventually, too, that will be Newspaper themed. Doesnt' that sound fun?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Premade Etsy Packages

Awhile back, I made a few 'premade' Etsy shop packages. These are ready-to-go graphics for your Etsy shop. I'm usually so busy with custom orders, I don't have time to create on the side, but I've had a few moments here & there so I whipped up a few. Take a look & tell your friends who are opening new Etsy shops. ;) You can see my premade section at here.

Retro Package

Blue Sophistication (this is my favorite)

TwoTulips (I believe these cute little tulips will soon find their way to an invitations or two.)
And, of course, the lovely Dahlia set. ;)

First Laundry Catastrophe

Well, I had my first real laundry catastrophe yesterday. *whew* What a mess. Turns out a blue crayon was left in someone's pocket. I guess that's what I get for not checking pockets--I'm always trying to just get the job done when it comes to laundry. I despise that chore.

Soooo we have blue on just about all of our colors--including two of my husband's favorite shirts, a brand new tee of mine, a dress of daughter's, and my son's nice church pants. Grrrr....

I found some help online, so we'll see. Everything I tried yesterday didn't work AT ALL.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Someone PLEASE save me from my mess. I don't know what to do.

I used to be a neat person. 'Used to' in terms of pre-children. And 'neat' in terms of neat & tidy--Not, "Wow! She's NEAT!" (I am, in fact, still that kind of neat.) :)

Between being much, much busier and having two little theives, I just can't keep things organized anymore. My office area is my number one priority right now in my quest to organize and make 'neater'. :) (Next comes the pantry. Watch out!!!)

Here's the thing. We have an unfinished part in our basement that we hope to finish & turn into a family area--media, toys, etc. There's a bedroom down there I will promptly take over and make my office. But for now, my office area is in our kitchen... kinda... Our house has a loft feel so our main level is pretty much open. Take a look.

See? Toys on one side, kitchen on the other. And yes, that is our trash can on our counter. Mr. Newly One Year Old decided he thinks it's fun to get into the trash.
But seriously... where am I supposed to put all of this STUFF? It's the catch-all since it's in a public area of the house. Bills, kid stuff, cat.... you name it. ;) And it's GOOD that it's in a public area because while the kids play, I get to work. In fact, I'm still quite good at my work. It's just that I have to LOOK at that mess.
I'd also like to put something on that ridiculously blank wall. But again, long term--I'll move downstairs, so who knows what we'll do here then.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Bitsy Give-away

Quick! Hop on over to Homespun Oasis to enter a giveaway for one of my recycled stationery sets! You have to enter by tomorrow!


Funny little story--When we were expecting our second child one of the names we'd picked out for a girl was Dahlia. Being the stationery nut that I am, I had ideas floating around in my head for my future daughter's birth announcements and thank you cards. I started working on a dahlia design that I never finished because we found out we were having a little boy!
So when a customer requested dahlia invitations, I knew just what to do! I finished up the design and voila! My new favorite invitations.
I was lucky enough that my customer chose to have them printed on the gorgeous white metallic/shimmer stock I offer. I ADORE this paper. Just look at how delicious that is!
So while I was at it, I whipped up some birth announcements. They're available at Bitsy's Greetings at Etsy and on my website. (The invitations will be available shortly at both places, too. If you just can't wait until then, feel free to send me a message.) ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

SuperMom: Plume Adore

Justine had a high-stress job as an office manager of a very busy downtown dating service when she found she was expecting her first child. "The idea of spending 40 hours a week plus travel time away from my unborn daughter made [her] very unhappy." She started an eBay store selling Hip Scrapbooking supplies. But Justine didn't feel her creativity was being fulfilled, so just last month in April 2009, she launched her jewelry business, Plume Adore.

Justine's daughter is now 14 months old a
nd has the joy of having her mom at home with her. Justine now juggles her supply shops and her jewelry shop with the hope of making her jewelry her main focus one day. "I really just want to make Plume Adore a success. My major goal is to hit 1000 sales within a year, " Justine says and I have no doubt she'll accomplish this goal! She's already hit 30 sales in just a few weeks. And it's easy to see why! Justine's eye for design is impeccable! You can feel the truth of each word of her tagline as you browse her shop: "Vintage Glam with a splash of Modern Swank." She says, "The ultimate goal would be to solely rely on Plume financially and not have to run so many ventures at once. It's a dreamer's dream but one day I hope to make that happen and be able to just create all day alongside my little one."

Aside from having a fantastic produ
ct, I'm sure all of Justine's research has helped her become a fast success! She spent about two months researching 'everything from competition, to taking the best photos, to getting noticed on Etsy and so much more. I wanted to make sure that when I came out, I had a strong presence and brand from the get go." As a self-taught jewelry designer, she's applied for an ID number with SRAJD (Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design.)

A few things Justine says makes being a work at home mom easier are her husband, "the king of naptime", her mom and mother-in-law who allow her to have some time to get all this accomplished, and her laptop that she can use while she's near her daughter. Justine says if you're a WAHM already or would like to become one to "try and have a good support system in place to help you during busy times or give you a break from playing both mother and business owner." I think so many of us forget this part! Her advice is simple and well-put, "Iif you are already a stay at home mom and want to work from home, start small so your family's income is not hit a major blow with the cost of starting a business. I started my business for under $400 but there are others that go $5000 in debt to get something off the ground and that is not smart in these hard economic times."

Justine can be found on eBay:

and on Etsy: (same supplies as above)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I think I'll Cry...

Well, it's official.  I think my husband will have to take over vet duties from now on.  If you've been following my blog, you probably know we had to put our kitten down a few weeks ago.  He was not even 6 months old, but had an incurable virus and went downhill VERY quickly.  We had just moved, so we had a new vet for the kitten.  Joshua (hubby) took Fred (cat) to the new vet both times & thought very highly of him!  I still haven't met him, but I'm to the point where I probably can't because I'll shake his hand and start bawling like a baby.

Number 1: When Joshua came home from putting Fred down, he just said, "That is one great vet.  He was still petting Fred after he'd passed."

Number 2:  Not long after, we received a card in the mail.  From the vet.  Handwritten.  Are you kidding me?  I cried.  I was just so touched.

Number 3:  We have since gotten a new cat & he's going to the vet soon.  When I called to set up the appointment, I told them we didn't know his date of birth--the shelter could only give us an estimate.  So guess what e-mail I just got?  An e-card for Charlie's birthday!!  They made his adoption month his birthday month.  I still have a tear in my eye.

I'm such a baby.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birth Announcement Gift Certificates!

I've been working hard to create more birth announcement designs. They're not quite up yet, but as a little celebration, I've put together gift certificates for them! I don't know about you, but when I know someone's having a baby, I always want to get the parents-to-be something useful. Diapers are useful, but not too pretty. ;) A gift certificate for birth announcements is the perfect solution! It's even great for second or third-time parents!

I chose to print the certificates on one of my favorites: shimmer/metallic stock for that extra bit of elegance. They're available in my Etsy shop: Bitsy's Greetings and on my website.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh soap...

We usually use handmade bar soap (yay for so many soap shops on Etsy!) in our bathrooms here at home.  We ran out, though, and were at Target last night--I was looking for something specific, but couldn't find it.  Instead, I found THE most wonderful smelling soap... ever.  Seriously.  I keep sniffing my hands.  And then going to wash my hands again... so I can sniff them again.
Odd?  Yes.  But that's me!

I got it at Target, but it looks like it's elsewhere.  I'd love it just for the scent, but to top it off, the packaging is so fun and the names are wonderfully hilarious!  My soap is "Wash your hands of it".  hehe  My husband loves the smell, too--He looked over the label and apparently it has lime blossoms??  Yum!  I want a lime tree now.

Anyway, you should go check it out & go buy some.  You won't regret it.  Yum.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Seeing my work in action!

Do you know what I love, LoVe, LOVE? Seeing my work in action! I think I would literally jump up & down if I ever went to someone's home and saw, say, one of my birth announcements on her fridge. (Other than my mom, thank you.)

But until that happens, I'll find joy every time I visit someone's blog whose banner I created or someone's website that showcases a logo I designed... Right now I thoroughly enjoy visiting The owner is a fantastic customer and has become a dear friend. I love looking at her front page because even though I did NOT design her header or site, I did do all the ads/features currently on the front page. :) Yay! I mean really, how cute is that babylegs ad?? (Those flower petals are from actual babylegs--they have such fun patterns!)

Friday, May 1, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Soap That Makes Scents

Karina, of Soap That Makes Scents has been working for herself and "love(s) every minute of it!" When she moved from Canada to the United States in 2004, it wasn't legal for her to work, but she still wanted to contribute to her family. She had been making and selling soap since 2001 and was able to continue that while the paperwork was processed to allow her to work in the U.S. Her daughter (who is now almost three) was born soon thereafter & Karina didn't want her to be in daycare, so she decided to stay home and raise her--Soap That Makes Scents went full time in 2006.

You may know her as "KreatedbyKarina" on since she's been there awhile and has made quite a name for herself! Soap That Makes Scents offers a lovely variety of handcrafted bath items including a vegetarian soap line, shea butter lip balms, and body souffle. With a nice variety of beautiful scents to choose from, you're sure to be 100% pleased! Just look at her feedback! So many happy customers!

Karina hopes to open her own brick & mortar store one day. Her items would be at the forefront with other seller's handmade bath and beauty items to compliment them. And now, Soap That Makes Scents would love to offer you something special! When you make a purchase, simply enter "WAHM" when you check out and receive a free 2 oz. Oh Honey Honey soap sample. And I promise you won't be dissatisfied! I've had the joy of handing out a few samples from Soap That Makes Scents and each time I'd reach for one, the scents would fill my nose and instantly bring a smile to my face.

As a work at home mom, Karina has found she couldn't live without her dayplanner. Her daughter is young now so it's full of doctor visits, playdates, and business meetings, but she knows she'll be grateful for it in the future when her daughter starts school and enjoys after-school activities!

Karina enjoys her time at home with her daughter & experiences something I did when my daughter was that age--Her daughter is independent and occupies herself for lengthy periods, but also loves to be included in what Mom is doing! Karina's daughter, though only two and a half, loves to be near her mom and "helps pack soaps in boxes when preparing for a show, sticks labels on, organizes packages ready to be shipped into piles." Karina says, "I couldn't get through all that I have to do in the day without her. Plus she LOVES going to the post office!"

As so many of us work at home moms have realized, it's important for your children to feel involved in your life and your day-to-day activities even though you're working. Each trip to the post office becomes an adventure for the little ones who see so much for the first time each day.


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