Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Laundry Catastrophe

Well, I had my first real laundry catastrophe yesterday. *whew* What a mess. Turns out a blue crayon was left in someone's pocket. I guess that's what I get for not checking pockets--I'm always trying to just get the job done when it comes to laundry. I despise that chore.

Soooo we have blue on just about all of our colors--including two of my husband's favorite shirts, a brand new tee of mine, a dress of daughter's, and my son's nice church pants. Grrrr....

I found some help online, so we'll see. Everything I tried yesterday didn't work AT ALL.

Wish me luck!

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JewelryWorksbyKim said...

Funny story about crayons in pockets;I did that many times as a child. I always carried around my favorite red crayon. My parents were tired of it.By the time I was ten I was washing, drying, and ironing my own clothes!


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