Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Someone PLEASE save me from my mess. I don't know what to do.

I used to be a neat person. 'Used to' in terms of pre-children. And 'neat' in terms of neat & tidy--Not, "Wow! She's NEAT!" (I am, in fact, still that kind of neat.) :)

Between being much, much busier and having two little theives, I just can't keep things organized anymore. My office area is my number one priority right now in my quest to organize and make 'neater'. :) (Next comes the pantry. Watch out!!!)

Here's the thing. We have an unfinished part in our basement that we hope to finish & turn into a family area--media, toys, etc. There's a bedroom down there I will promptly take over and make my office. But for now, my office area is in our kitchen... kinda... Our house has a loft feel so our main level is pretty much open. Take a look.

See? Toys on one side, kitchen on the other. And yes, that is our trash can on our counter. Mr. Newly One Year Old decided he thinks it's fun to get into the trash.
But seriously... where am I supposed to put all of this STUFF? It's the catch-all since it's in a public area of the house. Bills, kid stuff, cat.... you name it. ;) And it's GOOD that it's in a public area because while the kids play, I get to work. In fact, I'm still quite good at my work. It's just that I have to LOOK at that mess.
I'd also like to put something on that ridiculously blank wall. But again, long term--I'll move downstairs, so who knows what we'll do here then.


Audrey said...

Man - I have been there!! We had our boys 21 months apart, and the main part of the house was a mess for a couple of years, till they were old enough to start helping with cleaning up their own toys, etc. Still have to work on my craft room, that just never seems to get cleaned up properly! you will love having your own office.

Amy said...

I can completely sympathize! When my twins were born everything turned upside down. Now that they're almost 4yrs old I just started re-organizing everything! I so miss my clean house!

Splendid Little Stars said...

aah...yes. Welcome to parenthood--those glorious days of unbridled messiness. Does it help to say that those days will be over way too soon, and you will look back longingly?

HeatherScent said...

Cute blog!

I'm so lucky that I have a room that my children are banished from!

What I would suggest for you is that you use some vertical storage! Take advantage of the wall space above your work tables. If your budget permits, install some cabinets up there. I prefer cabinets because I like things to be behind closed doors. Plus, extra cabinets in the kitchen is always handy and will increase resale value of your home.

If you're on a budget, all you need to do is install some simple open shelving, and you can hang a pretty fabric from the top to keep things hidden. That is the trick to being tidy -- just keep it all out of sight! lol Also, when it comes to the kidlets, if they can't see it, it's less likely to be enticing to them, so doors or curtains will prevent them from trying to climb up the shelves to grab that really pretty paper or those shiny new marking pens. :)

woollywotnots said...

Perhaps this post will bring you some inspiration! Let me know if it helps! :-)


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