Monday, May 18, 2009

New Stationery Line! Eee!!

Introducing... My new line of stationery! A little story... We have some friends who are adopting the most precious little man I've ever met. (Okay, minus MY little man.) I missed the shower--Sorry, but Saturdays are absolutely 100% insane here--and so I thought I'd like to give them something they could use. Well, duh! Thank you cards, right? But I thought--why not make them something they can use for more than just thank yous?

Tadaaa! Here's what I came up with:

Cute, right? But you can choose color, font, cardstock, envelope color, AND the graphic! *whew* They come in beautiful clear boxes & with fantastic ribbon. (I'm a little nuts about ribbon... if I haven't mentioned that before.)

I have loads of graphics to choose from--It's amazing what drawings I have stashed away from projects that never turned out. (Yes, all these graphics ARE my own, from scratch, so please do not copy or reproduce.)

Seriously, though, folks--I need something better to call this than, "Personalized Stationery Boxed Set"--it screams boring and these sets are anything but boring!! Help? I'll throw something free your way. Really, I will.

They're available now at Bitsy's Greetings on Etsy and will shortly be available on my website. They come in boxed sets of ten or twenty cards & envelopes. YAY! Tell your friends. Tell them. Go on. nnnnnnNow.

P.S.--These sets are available for wholesale. Contact me.
(All illustrations belong to and were created by BitsyCreations & may not be copied or reproduced. ©2009 BitsyCreations)


Blissful Blooms Paper said...

Great stuff!!!

Debbie said...

This is an adorable little idea! If they aren't terribly large you could call them "Just a little note" - Personalized Stationary or something a kin to that.

Once again, great idea!

Penelope Anne said...

OH WOW!!!! These are fabulous! You never cease to amaze! I dont suppose you will offering a candy cane or a peppermint graphic around the holidays?.....

Frenchell said...

Those are so cute! I love them. I will have to purchase some and use them as thank you notes for my daughter's 3rd birthday.

Joan said...

Renee, I will totally make some peppermints or candy canes. Just for you. Well & everyone else around the holidays! lol ;)

Joan said...

Frenchell--I'm still using the ones I made for my son a year later--They're perfect--He won't outgrow his for awhile. ;)

Bekah: said...


I love this idea. Bryn has a summer pen pal so I'm ordering her some cupcake ones post haste!

Love them

DolceBaci said...

I love them!!

Pink & Posh said...

What about Bitsy Buttons since they are round, or Newbie Notes for the baby ones. Or maybe just Bitsy Notes...just my first thoughts... ;)

But whatever you call them, they are super cute!

SwinginMartinisDesigns said...

Those are adorable! Do you have a martini glass!? I will need new thank you cards soon!

Joan said...

Oh I LOVE these suggestions! I need to get to work, don't I? Feel free to request any illustrations. I'm happy to make anything. ;)


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