Friday, May 1, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Soap That Makes Scents

Karina, of Soap That Makes Scents has been working for herself and "love(s) every minute of it!" When she moved from Canada to the United States in 2004, it wasn't legal for her to work, but she still wanted to contribute to her family. She had been making and selling soap since 2001 and was able to continue that while the paperwork was processed to allow her to work in the U.S. Her daughter (who is now almost three) was born soon thereafter & Karina didn't want her to be in daycare, so she decided to stay home and raise her--Soap That Makes Scents went full time in 2006.

You may know her as "KreatedbyKarina" on since she's been there awhile and has made quite a name for herself! Soap That Makes Scents offers a lovely variety of handcrafted bath items including a vegetarian soap line, shea butter lip balms, and body souffle. With a nice variety of beautiful scents to choose from, you're sure to be 100% pleased! Just look at her feedback! So many happy customers!

Karina hopes to open her own brick & mortar store one day. Her items would be at the forefront with other seller's handmade bath and beauty items to compliment them. And now, Soap That Makes Scents would love to offer you something special! When you make a purchase, simply enter "WAHM" when you check out and receive a free 2 oz. Oh Honey Honey soap sample. And I promise you won't be dissatisfied! I've had the joy of handing out a few samples from Soap That Makes Scents and each time I'd reach for one, the scents would fill my nose and instantly bring a smile to my face.

As a work at home mom, Karina has found she couldn't live without her dayplanner. Her daughter is young now so it's full of doctor visits, playdates, and business meetings, but she knows she'll be grateful for it in the future when her daughter starts school and enjoys after-school activities!

Karina enjoys her time at home with her daughter & experiences something I did when my daughter was that age--Her daughter is independent and occupies herself for lengthy periods, but also loves to be included in what Mom is doing! Karina's daughter, though only two and a half, loves to be near her mom and "helps pack soaps in boxes when preparing for a show, sticks labels on, organizes packages ready to be shipped into piles." Karina says, "I couldn't get through all that I have to do in the day without her. Plus she LOVES going to the post office!"

As so many of us work at home moms have realized, it's important for your children to feel involved in your life and your day-to-day activities even though you're working. Each trip to the post office becomes an adventure for the little ones who see so much for the first time each day.

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