Friday, May 8, 2009

SuperMom: Plume Adore

Justine had a high-stress job as an office manager of a very busy downtown dating service when she found she was expecting her first child. "The idea of spending 40 hours a week plus travel time away from my unborn daughter made [her] very unhappy." She started an eBay store selling Hip Scrapbooking supplies. But Justine didn't feel her creativity was being fulfilled, so just last month in April 2009, she launched her jewelry business, Plume Adore.

Justine's daughter is now 14 months old a
nd has the joy of having her mom at home with her. Justine now juggles her supply shops and her jewelry shop with the hope of making her jewelry her main focus one day. "I really just want to make Plume Adore a success. My major goal is to hit 1000 sales within a year, " Justine says and I have no doubt she'll accomplish this goal! She's already hit 30 sales in just a few weeks. And it's easy to see why! Justine's eye for design is impeccable! You can feel the truth of each word of her tagline as you browse her shop: "Vintage Glam with a splash of Modern Swank." She says, "The ultimate goal would be to solely rely on Plume financially and not have to run so many ventures at once. It's a dreamer's dream but one day I hope to make that happen and be able to just create all day alongside my little one."

Aside from having a fantastic produ
ct, I'm sure all of Justine's research has helped her become a fast success! She spent about two months researching 'everything from competition, to taking the best photos, to getting noticed on Etsy and so much more. I wanted to make sure that when I came out, I had a strong presence and brand from the get go." As a self-taught jewelry designer, she's applied for an ID number with SRAJD (Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design.)

A few things Justine says makes being a work at home mom easier are her husband, "the king of naptime", her mom and mother-in-law who allow her to have some time to get all this accomplished, and her laptop that she can use while she's near her daughter. Justine says if you're a WAHM already or would like to become one to "try and have a good support system in place to help you during busy times or give you a break from playing both mother and business owner." I think so many of us forget this part! Her advice is simple and well-put, "Iif you are already a stay at home mom and want to work from home, start small so your family's income is not hit a major blow with the cost of starting a business. I started my business for under $400 but there are others that go $5000 in debt to get something off the ground and that is not smart in these hard economic times."

Justine can be found on eBay:

and on Etsy: (same supplies as above)


Justine said...

Thank you Joan for my lovely feature!!! I really appreciate you choosing me!

Drop "BitsyCreations" if you purchase something and I'd be happy to include a free pair of earrings in your order.

Frenchell said...

I love this store. This is one of the shops that i secretly stalk on etsy! Just the cutest jewelry! Too stinkin' cute!!


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