Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1000th Sale Sale!

Yes, I just said 'sale sale'. When I'm excited, I repeat myself.
Ha! Just kidding.
I am very close to reaching 1,000 sales at BitsyCreations.etsy.com!
Can you believe it?
So I thought, "How can I thank my customers?"
I'd love to give a little free gift to my 1,000th customer, but that only benefits one person!
So why not have a sale?

Why not, indeed--So from now until said 1,000th sale is reached, you will get

15% off all items at




*When you make a purchase, just type in 'sale' when you check out. I'll send you a revised invoice.

Just think--You can get my great printable stationery for under $4! Purchase once and print over & over & over. :)

I've been a member of the Etsy community for about two and a half years and it has been such a blessing to me. Yes there have been times where I wanted to scream (i.e. undelivered products, people who took advantage of me being too nice in the beginning and designing before they paid, and odd pettiness in the forums) but you live and learn, don't you? I've met so many lovely people through Etsy. I enjoy my little chats with my customers--I feel so much more 'adult-like' when I work during naptime and have a conversation with someone above the age of 4.

I hope you stop by and take advantage of the sale to say thank you. I really love my customers & am so glad for your support! If you haven't purchased anything from me before, then REALLY come take advantage of my sale. ;) 1,000 sales in one shop must say something about my products and customer service, right?

Here are just SOME of the things on sale:

Custom Graphic Design

Fabric Labels

Birth Announcements

Greeting Cards & Invitations


Splendid Little Stars said...

How wonderful that you have had so many sales! Congratulations! wishing you much success!

Jan said...

Great blog! I'd like to give you "One Lovely Blog Award."
You can get your award at


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