Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! :)

Happy Father's Day to the best dad out there, Mr. Bitsy. :)  hehe Just kidding.
We love Dad so much in our home.  We're blessed enough to live very close to where he works so he comes home for lunch each day.  Every time he walks in the door for lunch or at the end of the work day, there's a little celebration. :)  He's Mr. Fixit--he can fix everything from a broken lamp to a cut on a knee.  (And personally, I think he's GREAT at fixing hurt feelings when I'm having a bad day.)

We love him so much! :)

We've started a little tradition, too.  Last year I posted an alchemy request on Etsy for custom cuff links.  I was going for cheesy, but sweet.  (And didn't want to get him a tie.)  I was absolutely amazed with how much I loved these!!

The lovely & talented Artistic Flair created them.  She has a fantastic shop full of fused glass--PLEASE go check it out.  You won't be disappointed! 

Here's this years--Isn't that just fun?


victoria kloch said...

those are adorable!

Ryan and Rachel said...

Holy bananas I can't believe how much your little one has changed?!?! I miss you guys too!!! Ryan and I are planning a vacation at the beginning of September and we haven't decided where to yet. Maybe up north?! I hope Maryland is everything you needed it to be. It's just stinking hot and humid here! :) Lots of love from me to you!! Oh, and I have something I need to send you so email me your physical address pretty please! Smooches!


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