Thursday, June 18, 2009

I want.

I totally have these shoes. No joke. Mine are EXACTLY like this. And I look smokin' hot in them, too.
Therefore, I need this print by the lovely dottylotty on Etsy. I looked and looked for a photo of me in said shoes, but I can't find. :( I'll try again some day and you'll agree with me. I promise. Best. shoes. ever.

Aha! I KNEW I had it! Here it is. Me... in the shoes. Gosh I love those shoes. (This was post-baby #1, I know that, but I don't remember exactly when... 3? 4 years ago?)


inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

You definitely need to get this print! :)

Bekah: said...


Butterfly said...

How cute!!!!

Frenchell said...

smokin shoes!


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