Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Recent Logos

I'm sure I've mentioned before that creating logos is one of my favorite things to do. And not just my favorite business thing to do--I do this in my free time--when I'm having 'me' time because I enjoy it so much.


Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a few logo designs. First, I created a new logo for an orthodontist who has an office down the street from our new home. His old logo was a bit hard to understand if you weren't dentalwork-savy!! ;) So here's the new logo:

I also designed new letterhead and business cards for the office. The business card design turned out so well! I can't wait to see the finished product once they're printed. They wanted something a little different than 'the norm' so people would keep the card--not just throw it in a pocket or purse. We chose to create foldover business cards--I'll have to see if I can stop by and pick up a printed card to get a photo:This was such a great project for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I thought I'd share a bit of the design process. Dr. Robison's office has such a calming feel--Definitely something you want in an orthodontist's office, right? It's full of organic lines as well as geometric shapes. It makes for a great effect. It's also these beautiful green & purple colors. We knew we wanted the logo to reflect that feeling & combination of organic & geometric.

Dr. Robison had a few different initial ideas he wanted to see, one being a variation of how he signs his name with the 'S' and 'R' joined together, so here are some of the proofs I sent durint the design process. You can see how we tried some edits to particular ideas to change the look. I love seeing how it evolved and looking at the final decision.

My personal favorite was Q2. I'm so happy with the end result, though! It's sure to look great on their new products.

I've been working on a few more recently, so I'll be back later to share! If you're interested in having a logo designed by BitsyCreations, please take a look at my website for examples and policies or contact me with questions.

(As always, ALL graphics shared here are copyright of BitsyCreations and may not be copied or reproduced. They may be shared with permission.)


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i love your blog, and these are some amazing logos!! you are very talented!

Crystal said...

Hi! Just wanted you to know that I gave you the “Lovely Blog Award”
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