Friday, June 12, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Dolce Baci

If there's a little girl in your life--whether it be your daughter, granddaughter or niece, you will be thrilled to find Dolce Baci! Angie, self-taught seemstress and mother of two boys (yes, no girls to wear those fantastic items!) is the owner & creator at Dolce Baci. She is admitedly a perfectionist, which you can easily see when you look over the items she creates. Angie offers unique and distinctive clothing for baby & toddler girls.

"It all started when my husband gave me a sewing Machine for Mothers day about
4 years ago," Angie says. "I had saved many of my boy's baby clothes wanting to use them
to make a memory quilt for them and from there made them some clothing and gifts for family and friends for birthdays. Just by word of mouth I have had people call me to purchase clothing and evently came across Etsy and started selling there and now even have our own website. It all has been such a blessing for our family."

Angie's sons are in school, so I asked what her plans were for her work while they were home for the summer. She said the past summers have been a little difficult to keep up on work because she enjoys spending that time with them so much (hiking, swimming, and small family getaways)! Angie will have help now, though! She's expanded to the point that she was able to hire some assistants who are also work-at-home-moms! They'll help with the sewing to keep up on orders. She says, "I have had several people approach me on having my items manufactured but I just can't get myself to do that...I really want to keep our items handmade and if that means more work for stay at home moms that is a blessing for them and me."

Saying that Angie is 'organized' is clearly an understatement. She had so many great tips to share:
"If I'm not working on a project with the boys and need to get some of my work done I have them do what we call room time and table time.

"Room time is when I tell them they need to go play in their room for an hour and that is what they do and I get that time to work. I'm right down the hall so I can hear them if there is any problem.

"Table time is the other one we do. I pull out the big vinyl table cloth and cover our dining room table and let them do crafts. They paint, play with playdough, build things with my empty spools of thread, kleanex boxes and other things around the house. They love it!

"And of couse there is always the back yard. My boys love to be outside and my office looks out to the back yard so I just open the window and I can hear them and keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe."

Dolce Baci is currently running a giveaway worth $75! There will be two winners & you have until June 17th to enter! Enter on her blog here.

I really enjoyed reading through Angie's answers to my questions. She has so many hopes and plans for the future. She does plan on starting a small clothing line for boys, which I'm thrilled about! ;) Angie is clearly a woman of faith, though, which is such an example to me. She noted that she needs to wait until the time is right--that things will be accomplished in God's time. She feels so blessed to have a loving & supportive husband as well as two wonderful sons.

All the best to you, your family, and your delightful business, Angie!

Dolce Baci can be found online:
*Dolce Baci items are also available for you to carry in your boutique! Contact Angie via her website for more information.


kim* said...

cute tot items :)

DolceBaci said...

Thanks so much for featuring us on your fabulous blog! I am honored to be apart of your SuperMoms of Summer! Thank you!!


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