Friday, June 5, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: gogovivi

When I look at the photos of the bags at gogovivi, I can't help but want to reach out and touch them. I want to feel and smell the leather--I want to see those vivid colors in person! And I promise, these bags are on my wishlist.

Kiley, owner of gogovivi has been selling her bags since 2007. She has a website and a shop on Having sewn her whole life, she started out making simple pouches, "but quickly started to design [her] own cloth handbags. Six months later [she] started making leather bags and immediately knew [she] had found [her] medium." Located in China, Kiley was able to find a source for leather surplus from shoe factories. She loves working with surplus leather because it is an ecologically sound practice and because there are so many fun colors and textures to choose from that she may not have otherwise chosen.

Kiley and her husband have one daughter who is 3 and a half. In 2005, Kiley ended her career as a public health scientist when they moved overseas. They lived in Korea for three years and now live in China. They love living overseas! When Kiley's daughter was 18 months old, she began attending a nursery school which gave Kiley a few hours each day to start her business. She gets most of her work done while her daughter is in school. As she puts it, her daughter is "just a gregarious, outgoing people person and doesn't much like to be on her own. There are just too many hazards in my studio, and she's just TOO three years old for her to spend time with me there while I work."

Kiley is an inspiration to all work at home moms--and I don't say that lightly! When she started her business, she says she promised her husband she wouldn't lose money and so far, she's been able to keep that promise. She's also had the challenge of setting up a business in China where there's a large language barrier for her. The SuperMom of Summer title is so fitting for her--a self-taught designer with beautiful bags, a lovely family, and *ahem* is learning Mandarin in her spare time. Don't you love it?! :)

You can find gogovivi online here:
REDESIGNED website ---->
blog --------->
facebook -->
twitter -------> a total side-note, I've thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Kiley and gogovivi. So much of her life is dear to my heart as I have four adopted siblings from Korea and a husband who's a scientist. :)


Chrisy said...

Yes they are lovely...she must have a fantastic machine to cope with the leather...

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Those purses are gorgeous! I love them. I can't imagine it would be really easy to work with the leather, but she does a fabulous job!

trudette, said...

beautiful and very well made !


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