Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Day

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a lovely 4th of July.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day off yesterday.  We went to a nearby lake with some friends--We had never been to one with the kids, so it was a very new experience for them!!  Boy decided it would be fun to get sand in every teensy tiny crevice he has. :)  I love squishing the sand in between my toes.  Poor Hubby, Mr. Science, just sat on the towel... far back... pondering the things that were growing in that lake water.  Ahwell. :)  We then went to my parents' chlorinated pool! hehe 

And the great news?  I've officially rubbed off on Hubby.  He's a musician, too, you see.  Classically trained.  We have very different tastes in music.  In the past 6 years of marriage, there are some things I've stopped listening to when he's around and even some I've stopped listening to all together.  But I finally did it.  HE was the one to turn on the Ben Folds this weekend because HE was the one who wanted to listen to it.  Hoo-stinking-ray.  (Ben Folds is my favorite & Joshua said he never thought he'd like him.)

It's the little things in life. :)


Angela said...

My husband (who is also a musician) never really listens to Ben Folds either...which I don't get because Ben Folds is such an eclectic and diverse musician! he is also an awesome songwriter. Fred Jones (I think, I can never remember the names of songs) is my fave.

Angela said...

Oh...and I have been playing around with photoshop and I made 2 ads...(they don't touch yours...but I thought they would be ok for Project Wonderful ads) I am going to save the ad you made me for my real advertising :) I contacted Craft Cult a couple of days ago and I am just waiting to hear from them. I will let you know when the ad you made for me goes up! I still love it!


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