Monday, July 6, 2009


(Photo found on Flickr--I hope it's okay to use!)

The past few weeks have been interesting for me--a time of family and friends, a time of remembering. I'm not one for 'living in the past'. I really didn't enjoy high school all that much--In fact, I graduated a year early so I could escape. I had a lot of good friends & a supportive family, though. And with the holidays, I've spent a lot of time with my family.

In November, we moved back to Maryland where my husband & I both grew up. We live only about 20 minutes away from my parents now. We go see them frequently which is such a joy for my kids. I love seeing my parents enjoy their grandchildren!

Not long ago, we went to my parents' to swim & the kids were dozing off on the ride home through the country roads. We had this song playing in the car from one of our favorite movies (Little Wonders by Rob Thomas from Meet the Robinsons--See the widget below--THANK YOU I love you!!). This song just gets me every time I listen to it. I kind of tear up and as we drove past the familiar areas of my youth, my heart was full.

We passed the farms I used to see every day on my way to school, passed house where 'the bully' lived who was so mean to everyone on the school bus, passed the cemetery where my brother is buried & I missed him terribly at that moment. We passed the street that literally leads to nowhere that my sweet friend Sean & I drove up one day because we were bored--we never did that again... We passed the beautiful nursery near my friend's house--my best friend who moved away after her father passed away due to cancer & I felt lost without her. All of these bittersweet memories. I've had such a full life at such a young age & I'm so grateful for all those who have been able to be a part of my learning process!


Bekah: said...

Joan, sweet Joan. I too was lost without you. I still feel it a tragedy that we were seperated before high school. You have been the greatest friend to me.

You started tears flowing when I read this post... I'm taking a nostalgic moment to live in the past as I listen to this song.

I am remembering very fond, sweet, silly memories. I love your house, I love your room, I love your green armoire, I love your family, and I love, love you!

Splendid Little Stars said...

a great post...very nostalgic. I grew up in Maryland, too--outside of DC. I haven't been back to that area in a long time.


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