Monday, July 20, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Jules Mae/Candy Apple Illustrations

Meet Julie, our next SuperMom of Summer! I knew Julie & I had a lot in common when I asked her if her julesmaeclothing, her Etsy shop, was her only business and she replied, "Well, I actually have a handful on the go. My issue is that I am in love with too many things, and after some very close evaluation, I've decided that I can't give up either my clothing design ventures, or my graphic/media design/illustration passion. So, I do my best to make room for all of it in my life. Or, how does it really work? I do my best to try to make room for life outside of all of those things. lol"

Julie also runs: (soon to be my media design site with my husband- we are in the process of developing out first iphone app).

The media design site caught my attention! There are so many people who use iphone applications! I wish Julie & her husband the best in this venture. (And yes, maybe it's because I'm a techie nerd.)

Julie, mom to two boys & a girl, decided like many of us work-at-home-moms that if she & her husband both worked outside the home and put their children in daycare, they'd probably be losing money! Julie also knew that no amount of money leftover at the end of the month would be worth it to her to be away from their children. They had to think of alternatives.

She's been illustrating for awhile, but officially began Candy Apple Illustrations in 2005. She offers a wide variety of services such as business logos & product illustrations, but also traditional fine arts on canvas.

She then added Jules Mae in 2007. And if that isn't enough, Julie also homeschools her three children! She says the thing that helps her most is the ability to multi-task! She also has a very supportive husband and creative children who, for the most part, keep themselves occupied well!

After reading all of this, wouldn't you want to know what advice Julie has for you? I sure did. She says, "
Whew, well, I think the best advice I could offer to anyone is to swallow your fears of failure and just do it. I once read a quote by Bono which said something to the effect of 'I want to get good at failure'. That was life altering for me. I was letting the fear of failure hold me back in so manty ways. Now to think of not fearing it, but actually getting good at it? But he's right. When you get good at something, it doesn't stand in your way anymore."

Goosebumps! I need to go find that book.
Julie can also be found on
and her blog.


inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Those are incredible illustrations!

Joan said...

I know!! And isn't it fantastic how she draws in the mannequin for her fashion line? I love it!

Laura said...

LOVE your Etsy shop and blog~~
Glad I found you,

xo Laura

Joan said...

Aw, thank you so much! :)

DolceBaci said...

Wow...and I thought I was busy! What a talented woman. Great review Joan!

Julie said...

Hi! Thanks for a great review and kind words! While I am in the midst of moving across the country, you can see some of my work posted at

My shops will be up and running again soon! Thanks for your patience!

(of Jules Mae)


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