Friday, July 10, 2009

West Elm

I've been a long, long-time fan of West Elm. Seriously. I want to buy up everything in that store.

I decided today that maybe I should take myself OFF their e-mail newsletter list. I should especially not be allowed to look at the e-mails and/or website on payday.

We need pillow shams for our bedroom. I'm in love. Joshua, I know, will hate them.
Ultimately, I want to get a bed there. I've drooled over this one for awhile... 

but I can't make up my mind because I really love this headboard. Oh dear, geometric shapes, how I love you!

So now you know I covet. And drool.
Have a happy Friday! I'll be back shortly with my SuperMoms feature. PROMISE!


Carrie said...

I think it'd be awesome if you put that headboard with that bed. I know its not a bed that needs a headboard, but I think it'd look awesome. The styles go together well! I know that is not what you need to hear! =o)

DolceBaci said...

I love those pillow shams!


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