Monday, July 13, 2009

Where Did You Get That?

As a small-business owner, it's important to know where your artwork originated.

I frequently see items sold on Etsy, Artfire, etc. that have clipart on them. These are items being sold to you, the small business owner and most likely, you're putting them on your own products to represent you! (Things like hang tags, fabric labels, business cards, etc.)

You may want to ask around a bit before your next purchase. Is this original artwork? Do you have permission to use the artwork? Things like this will help make you a more educated business-owner.

I'm not trying to point the finger. There are many options out there for people to purchase clipart or stock images and then resell on products they make. Personally, I make my own artwork for things like hangtags & fabric labels that I sell. I occasionally work with stock images my clients purchase and don't know how to manipulate themselves on their products. I try hard to remember to put "original artwork" or whatever the case may be.

The truth of the matter is, too, that many designs out there look alike. Most designers base their designs on what's popular. Birds, for example, are ridiculously popular right now and let's be honest, there are just so many ways a bird can be drawn.

My point is, if you're worried at all about the artwork people are using on a product you're thinking about purchasing, just ask! It's okay! I'd hate for someone to get into trouble for using an image they weren't supposed to when they had no idea it wasn't 'legal'.

(Oh and that cute ad above? I recently made it for Club Vintage! I love how it turned out. And I used it specifically because I've seen similar designs out there. You just never know who had the 'idea' first.)

Sorry for the jumbled mess that are my Monday morning thoughts! :)

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Splendid Little Stars said...

a very important point you make! That is a great ad you made! perfect!


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