Friday, October 16, 2009

Funny Things... 16 Oct 09

(Spongebob, of course, belongs to Nickelodeon, not me! I promise!)

I think every mom has a few days where she feels inadequate, maybe even feels like a 'bad mother'. I definitely had that feeling yesterday!
But at least I can laugh about it.
Sigh and then laugh.

With Bitsy #2, I'm trying really hard to only give in to the pacifier desire for nap and bed times. The boy is almost 18 months old. I think he can handle that. I feel like he's a little behind with his speech. I'm blaming it on the pacifier & hoping that by taking it away, he'll be forced to open his mouth for words more. :)

Bitsy #1 is 100% obsessed with Spongebob. She would watch that show non-stop if we'd let her. I doubt she'd even stop for food. So of course, Bitsy #2 is exposed to it.

I didn't realize just how much of it he watched, though! We got these adorable little Spongebob toys--A Spongebob & a Patrick.

Guess who opened his mouth and said "papick" when he was given the Patrick toy.


Valerie said...

Now that's just funny!

Went thru the same thing with #2...he just loved him some pacifier!!! LOL

This summer (at age 2.5 and with a missing baby tooth) I promptly marched him off to the dentist for examination (and a little strong-arm bullying regarding pacifier use)!!!

Of course, the dentist was no help whatsoever. Suggested we wean him by age 3 and told me not to over think it...that or the missing baby tooth!

Aaaah, parenthood! Good luck with the weaning of the paci. When we took a family vacation to Florida in July the pacis got "left behind" in Kansas....ooooh no, Toto!!!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

You aren't a bad are just exposing your children to different types of things in order to spark interest and learning. worked he spoke immediately!!! :) Who knows what he may say next...Monet? Van Gogh? Beethoven?

I love having someone else that has those same "ahhhh mom moments."


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