Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm such a softie...

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had an eventful one for sure! It's been so cold & rainy that we all had a bit of cabin fever! We were all going a bit mad until this adorable little man showed up on Grandma & Grandpa's back porch:

Now, I grew up on a small farm in a pretty rural area... so what do you do when a cat shows up on your porch? Hope it goes home! But we noticed something different about this little man. He was RIDICULOUSLY friendly and clearly had been loved.

Then we looked closer and saw this:

Yes, that's an extra toe. Utter and complete 'awesomeness' in my book. :) You see, when Mr. Bitsy & I got married, he must have said "NO PETS" about 8 million times. We then cat-sat for a friend. The cat we were watching had extra toes like this and was the most adorable little kitty I've ever met. Mr. Bitsy noticed that my stress level went down a few notches simply by having said little kitty wandering around the house.

That's when we got our sweet Muffin cat! It's been a few years & a few cats later, but Mr. Bitsy always stood by the 'one cat at a time' rule. Until he saw this special little guy on my parents' porch!

Guess what he said! "Oh I'd be fine taking him in." I had an audible gasp. Really, I did! So we brought him in out of the rain and played alllll day with the sweet guy. We've put a call in to the animal shelter to make sure he doesn't belong to anyone, but gosh we're having fun with him. I'd love for him to have a happy home, even if that means he belongs to someone else & has to leave us, but mostly I'm just amazed that Mr. Bitsy was so willing! Mostly, I think it's because he's a scientist and has some crazy excitement over the extra toes. I've never heard so many scientific terms in my life!


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