Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Happy Tuesday! A few random ramblings from Bitsy today:

First, do you remember you get 10% off your orders from BitsyCreations.com simply by reading my blog? Yay for you! Just enter code BitsyBlog when you check out. This is perfect for holiday photo cards! I've been adding a few more.

Second, there are some excellent giveaways on Gifted Giveaways, the site I started with my dear friend BabyJewels. Make sure to stop by & enter to win! We're also taking gifting hosts right now, too. So if you would like to give away one of your products and get 6 weeks of advertising as well as great exposure, give me a shout. This is a perfect opportunity right before the holidays to let more people know about your shop/website.

And third, it sounds like the dear sweet kitty I blogged about yesterday is ours. :) Kind of a sad story, really. We did find out who the owner was and they don't want him/can't care for him. Ahwell, he has a ridiculously loving family now!!

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