Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! 20% OFF

Good Thanksgiving morning! I hope everyone is enjoying time with loved ones today. I know I am. We have three beautiful pies and the most delicious chocolate cheesecake waiting for us... the rest is just a nice extra. ;)

A few things today:
Make sure to stop by Angela's Bits to enjoy a giveaway from BitsyCreations! You can win 20 printed holiday photo cards until 12/2. (Please note the giveaway at  Love to Shop Mom is still going on; you can win a set of personalized stationery from BitsyCreations.)

Also as a thank you to you this holiday season, you can enjoy 20% off at! Use code 'Holiday20' until December 10.

Happy Holidays from BitsyCreations!

1 comment:

Barbra said...

Hey you!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Fill up your zibbet shop. I love it there. Come visit...allaboutthebuttons


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