Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Really Target, Really?

So many weeks ago I was in Target. I don't usually shop for clothes when we do our Target runs... it usually involves having both of the kids with me and we're in to get something uber-exciting like toothpaste.

BUT I just happened to see some adorable cargo pants, tried them on, fit like a dream, so I purchased them. I wore them about three times that week and fell in love, so I thought I'd go back for the other colors. Of course, they didn't have them in my size, so I ordered them online.

Weeks passed. Yes, weeks. I repeatedly looked online to see when Target would ship the pants & they had given me a window of about a week for when I could expect them.

It's REALLY hard to find pants that fit me, so I was thrilled to have found some so wonderful. I went out to the mail every day to look for them even though I knew they hadn't shipped yet.

Until... yesterday when I got an e-mail from Target saying THEY COULDN'T FIND MY PANTS! Come on!! Why did you let me order them online if you didn't actually have any?! Grrr! Rar!!! Snarl.

If you're a size 0 or 18, you should go get these pants. Apparently those are the only sizes they have left. Boo.

(Too bad I'm so in love with Target that even something like this won't cost them my business...)

(AND you absolutely get extra points if you are laughing at my blog title. Does it drive anyone else crazy when words are repeated like that to supposedly make a point?? "Does it, Bitsy? Does it?)


Ink Obsession Designs said...

Oh no!! I would have been so bummed. Could you imagine if you just didn't mail out an order and weeks later told the customer you just couldn't find it?! Yeah, not too cool...

And I loved the post title! :)

Angela said...


Sugar Shox Crafts said...

That's why I never let any of the stores I go to order anything online for me. I don't want to have to pay the shipping, and I don't know the exact fit unless I've gotten a chance to try on the exact size at the store.

I sure hope they gave you a little something for your trouble!


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