Friday, January 29, 2010

Gates Foundation Pledges $10 Billion For Vaccines

I knew I liked Bill Gates. And now the fact that he understands how important vaccines are... wow, just makes him that much better. Yes, I laugh at all the Bill Gates jokes--Especially the Simpsons episodes with him--but this makes me warm & fuzzy inside.

You can read the full article here:

This is my favorite part:
The foundation said up to 7.6 million children under 5 could be saved through 2019 as a result of the donation. It also estimates that an additional 1.1 million kids would be saved if a malaria vaccine can be introduced by 2014. A tuberculosis vaccine would prevent even more deaths.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


(Photo above from We LOVE our Auto Trash from her--This is her Auto Sneeze. Adorable.)

Yes, I've officially disappeared this week. There are two big reasons!
#1, we're all sick. Yes, all of us. Turns out the little man has a really bad ear infection on one side & his other ear was on the way. Poor kid has been miserable for more than a week. Just when he's starting to come out of it, the rest of us started feeling awful. Not just sick--miserably sick.
Hubby put it well--He said with the other three of us sick, it's going to take all three of us to keep the well boy in check! Yup, I know he's feeling better. Want to know how I know?
He just stole the camera and tried to plug the usb into the computer. What a smart little rascal.

The #2 reason I disappeared is hopefully exciting. I have my fingers crossed, but am trying not to get too excited! We found out about a 'loan' through the county. I say 'loan' because it's more of a grant. They received stimulus money and have set up a loan for those who purchase a foreclosed home. 0% interest and we don't have to pay it back if we stay in the home for 15 years. So it COULD be good, but oddly enough, there aren't many foreclosed homes available. I keep hearing about how many there are, but my list of possibilities includes only about 7... 4 of which require me really looking into the neighborhood first. So cross your fingers for us--It would mean us buying our first home by the summer! Woohoo!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Date Night

So on Monday night, I got to go out on a date with this ridiculously handsome nerd. :) (Don't worry--he's a self-professed nerd! I'm not name-calling!) I'm so lucky. We really need to go out on more dates. We keep thinking we will and then for one reason or another, we don't. We're too tired, it's hard to get a sitter, I feel bad asking my parents, I hate how it feels when the kids cry or tell me they're sad when we leave...

But it's so important. I got to feel like I had no responsibilities for a few hours. I didn't have to share Joshua with anyone. I ate all of my dinner. By myself. Little mouths were not there stealing my food!

And most importantly, we talked. It wasn't about anything special or earth-shattering. We actually talk a lot, but it's somehow different when you're all by yourselves on the elusive date-night.

(Really old photo of Mr. Bitsy... but he's still that handsome...probably just has more bags under his eyes from the kids!!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Card Contest at Cool Mom Picks

I am really loving this contest. I rarely enter contests, but I just couldn't help myself. It's for a great cause and I love Valentine's Day! :)

Cool Mom Picks (who I love--not sucking up! I really do love them!) is teaming up with Etsy(another love, of course) to host a card design contest where they're looking for cards kids can color! They'll pick nine and turn them into PDFs for download. The most wonderful part is that "100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Children's Heart Foundation, which helps children impacted by congenital heart defects, the number one birth defect in the USA."

So tender. You can read all about it here. Please do:

I turned my favorite Valentine's Day designs into adorable little cards that would be great for coloring. Our two favorites in the Bitsy household right now: Owls & Robots. But not together... although I'm sure the imagination of Bitsy #1 would think up a robot owl for sure!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh I'm in Love

Well, in case you haven't figure it out by now, I'm LDS (Mormon) so I dress pretty modestly/conservatively. Believe it or not, it's ridiculously hard to find modest clothing that is still fashionable. Yup, put a 20-something mom in just about any store and tell her to find a cute, fashionable, FLATTERING dress that also doesn't come down too low in the front or is too short at the bottom and you have asked for a miracle.

Trust me. Between this whole mini-skirt/short tunic craze and cap sleeves/sleeveless fashion, it's really hard.

So there's my sob story. But it's not without hope! ModestDresses started following me on Twitter so I checked out their website and found this...

Modest, adorable, AND makes the inner-punk in me happy. What more could a gal ask for? The site has a lot of dresses for the younger crowd: i.e. prom & homecoming dresses and a lot of dresses that really aren't my taste, but there were a handful I instantly fell in love with.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentines from BitsyCreations

I love Valentine's Day. I always have! Yes, even when I was single. :)

Each year I hope to create more Valentine's Day cards, but the holiday seems to sneak up right after Christmas and New Years. So I'm excited with the few designs I have to share this year! Perhaps I'll have some more before the big day. :)

First, more PRINTABLES! Hooray! You can choose either a sweet owl or robot design. These are the sweet & small valentines you might send with your children to school. My favorite would be to print out a few sheets & leave them around the house for your hubby or kids to find with a special note from you.

For now, these are available on Etsy. You can find them at

If you don't have a great printer or want a set of full-sized cards with envelopes, the robot design is also available here along with this sweet set of mobile valentines available in red or bright pink.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Windows 7

Dear Windows 7,
I love you so much. I know there's a lot of hype about you and I actually agree with it. I'm sorry it took me so long to clean up my computer & back up my files. I've enjoyed you so much on our other machines. Now you are all mine.


P.S.--Yes, I'm a graphic designer who uses Windows. Miracle of miracles, right? I love it. Don't care for macs. Don't hate me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gifted Giveaways is Back!


I took a little break from Gifted Giveaways for the holiday season. There is always so much to get done and I wanted to be sure to take some time for my family, too.

But we're back, now! We're starting off with a giveaway from me: one of my desk calendars. So hop on over to enter & be sure to tell your friends. ;)

I've also put up a place for you to let others know about YOUR giveaways! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Invitations... and Birthdays!

I can't even count how many birthdays we have in January! I was thinking on all the birthday cards we want to get out and realized something. I don't really have many of my invitations listed in my Etsy shop! The horror! ;)

So I listed a few last night that you can see at

But speaking of birthdays... I've always had the hardest time designing 'manly' birthday cards. What am I supposed to send my brothers on their birthdays?? It drives me crazy. If anyone has some great ideas, I'll be more than happy to send you some free cards! Seriously! Any cards you want. Just give me ideas! ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I teach a sunday school class at church. I teach the four year olds turning five. Each new year, the kids move up to a different class, so this year, I'll be teaching my daughter. At least, I think that's how it will go... Truthfully, I'm thinking about saying something. A mom and daughter just need some time away from each other--even if that only means she's sitting a few rows away from me in Primary (our children's program at church). 

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my first day teaching these kids yesterday, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Me: "What is something you really enjoy doing?"
J: "Going to the car bubble."
Me: "The car bubble?"
J: "Yeah, you know, the place with rides and food and games."
Me: "OH! A carnival?"
J: "Right!"


Me: "Maybe you can take your picture home to show your mom & dad."
L: "Yes! And we can hang it on the fridge with mattresses."
Me: "Do you mean magnets?"
L: "That's what I said. Maganets."

Ah, to be four again. :)


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