Thursday, January 28, 2010


(Photo above from We LOVE our Auto Trash from her--This is her Auto Sneeze. Adorable.)

Yes, I've officially disappeared this week. There are two big reasons!
#1, we're all sick. Yes, all of us. Turns out the little man has a really bad ear infection on one side & his other ear was on the way. Poor kid has been miserable for more than a week. Just when he's starting to come out of it, the rest of us started feeling awful. Not just sick--miserably sick.
Hubby put it well--He said with the other three of us sick, it's going to take all three of us to keep the well boy in check! Yup, I know he's feeling better. Want to know how I know?
He just stole the camera and tried to plug the usb into the computer. What a smart little rascal.

The #2 reason I disappeared is hopefully exciting. I have my fingers crossed, but am trying not to get too excited! We found out about a 'loan' through the county. I say 'loan' because it's more of a grant. They received stimulus money and have set up a loan for those who purchase a foreclosed home. 0% interest and we don't have to pay it back if we stay in the home for 15 years. So it COULD be good, but oddly enough, there aren't many foreclosed homes available. I keep hearing about how many there are, but my list of possibilities includes only about 7... 4 of which require me really looking into the neighborhood first. So cross your fingers for us--It would mean us buying our first home by the summer! Woohoo!

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La La La Leah said...

I think there are a lot of foreclosed homes here in UTAH... Well I am not sure the different between Short Sale and Foreclosed.... I know they are different but I could not tell you how and if you can use that in your loan.


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