Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh I'm in Love

Well, in case you haven't figure it out by now, I'm LDS (Mormon) so I dress pretty modestly/conservatively. Believe it or not, it's ridiculously hard to find modest clothing that is still fashionable. Yup, put a 20-something mom in just about any store and tell her to find a cute, fashionable, FLATTERING dress that also doesn't come down too low in the front or is too short at the bottom and you have asked for a miracle.

Trust me. Between this whole mini-skirt/short tunic craze and cap sleeves/sleeveless fashion, it's really hard.

So there's my sob story. But it's not without hope! ModestDresses started following me on Twitter so I checked out their website and found this...

Modest, adorable, AND makes the inner-punk in me happy. What more could a gal ask for? The site has a lot of dresses for the younger crowd: i.e. prom & homecoming dresses and a lot of dresses that really aren't my taste, but there were a handful I instantly fell in love with.



Molly Lou Gifts said...

that dress is really cute. I totally agree about finding clothes and have a sob story to go in to of my own sometime. :)

Sugar Shox Crafts said...

I love that dress too :) You're right about how it's so hard to find modest clothes that actually appeal to us twentysomethings. The stuff that is made for us is all so tight, short, or see-through. I passed by a Justice store (they used to be called Limited Too) and couldn't believe the stuff they sold for little girls--I'm even talking toddlers! It's disgusting.

Having to have to find maternity clothes has made me start looking in other places than I usually do for outfits (bye bye Aeropostale & American Eagle)--I found that JC Penney's has a fairly decent collection that doesn't look too old, but still looks proper and professional too.


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