Friday, February 26, 2010

If I had more money...

I'm all for supporting handmade items. I think there are so many talented people out there. I realize the time and the effort that goes into these items. And I really would support more artists if I had more money.

I am totally in love with this Etsy shop: ellainaboutique

I adore the simple details of her clothing. I've always had this sort of subtle sophistication taste in clothing. I just wish I could justify spending $44 on a tee. I would love to support her! What talent!

So if you have that kind of money, you totally should. :)

Go check out her shop. I'd post photos, but they belong to her & I wouldn't want to step on toes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1,999 people love my work

1,999 people love my work! Or at least, that's how it looks for!

I'm not much of a heart-enthusiast on Etsy. So often the hearts don't actually lead to sales, but it's nice to see this. I think I will do something special for the two thousandth heart-er. Perhaps a gift certificate? (I dunno, though, would Etsy consider this spam?! lol)

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lost Bitsy & The House Hunt

(Thank you Flickr for the photo!)

I disappeared again! What a crazy time in our little life it is... We started our house hunt. Well, we started looking at homes online and researching neighborhoods months ago, but we began looking at actual houses last week.

After seeing quite a few homes, I felt like it would be a miracle if we found anything do-able. Our price range is low of course since we're young, freshly out of school, and oh yeah, have two kids. It really comes down to compromise and we understand that. It's our first home, after all. So if we want to stay in the city, we'd need to buy a townhouse which means poor Mr. Bitsy wouldn't have any room for his tools, hobbies, etc. It also means ridiculously high taxes.

Or we can move outside of the city and deal with the commute, being further away from some things, but we'd get a huge yard, larger house, and storage/work room. It's been a frustrating week looking at houses. There are SO many short sales out there and so when you go into a home, it feels like the owner just doesn't care anymore. Filthy homes, homes with carpets ripped up, homes with holes in the walls, homes with left-over miscellaneous junk... Out of about 20 homes, we only saw ONE that was move-in-ready. Now, I'm not afraid of cleaning. But some of these homes would take a full month to clean up before we could move in. And they were still at the top of our budget.

So we'll most likely go outside of the city a bit and buy a single family home with a large yard. Yipee! I'll just have to deal with being far away from some things. But you just can't beat a lot of space, two parks nearby, a wonderful library, gorgeous scenery with many fruit orchards... and oh yes, some of our favorite people live there! I think it'll be worth it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Custom Design for a Dear Friend

You may remember this gem I shared with you a few months back. My dear childhood friend asked me to put her ideas into an invitation design for her daughter's birthday. Well, the same friend had the most wonderful blessing--they finalized the adoption of daughter #3!! Since it physically hurts that we live on opposite sides of the country, it makes me so happy to be part of the events of their life by helping in little ways...

The invitation is double-sided with the most beautiful quote on one side--a very simple design made unique and elegant with bright colors and a lovely mixture of fonts. (Aren't we the best team?! I've loved everything we've done together... I think I'll edit this one to make a permanent invitation for my collection.)


Congratulations on adding such a special little girl to your eternal family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are We Sick of Snow Yet?

Wow, this week just keeps getting snowier and snowier! The federal government in the D.C. area has been closed all week so far. It'll be interesting to see if Hubby goes to work at all this week. They just closed schools for the rest of the week, too. The poor kids are definitely going to be making up some time at the end of the year. We haven't seen this much snow in a very long time... if ever.

I'm kind of bummed because we just started our house hunt! We have actual houses to go out and see, but who knows when that will happen. But isn't it exciting that we will have a home of our own soon?! Ah, I can't wait. We were able to get out for a few hours yesterday (on very snowy roads) to meet with our realtor. I feel so blessed that we already love our lender and realtor. I can tell they both want the best for us and that is huge. I'm very 'gut-feeling' oriented and I have a great feeling about our future home!

Just keep your fingers crossed that we can agree on something. Joshua & I have VERY different taste in style...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Printable Valentines... and More SNOW!!

Morning! We made it through the weekend! It was a snowy, snowy weekend!! Mr. Bitsy works for the government so he had off work yesterday and today because of the snow! We had to take Bitsy #2 to the doctor yesterday and I could not believe some of the roads! All the main roads were clear (and dry, by some miracle), but there were no turning lanes and there were still a few inches of slush on the back roads.

What a mess!! And guess what! They're calling for another 10 - 20 inches today through tomorrow. What will we do?! I love looking out and seeing all the snow, but we're running out of muscle to shovel all this snow!

On a fun note, my printable valentines are doing well!! Hop on over to to grab some up! Purchase once and print as many times as you'd like!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy, Snowy Day!

It's a very snowy day today!! All the snow they were calling for is definitely here! It started yesterday afternoon & was very heavy through the night. With the wind, there are snow drifts everywhere and it's hard to tell just how much there is, but you can see it's A LOT!

We already tried to get the tractor/plow out of the barn & it just wouldn't budge... we dug out as much as we could and it still wouldn't budge! I can't wait to be back in the city! Of course, then I'll worry about my parents out here...

Bitsy #1 came out for a few minutes! She didn't last long in snow up to her shoulders!!
It'll be a miracle if we get out for school on Monday!

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Snow

(Check out this really wonderful photo from Flickr--Go read about it. LOVE it!

I feel like such a child. I can't concentrate on anything this morning because I'm waiting for the snow to begin! They're calling for up to 24 inches! Eeee!!

I'm not nuts about getting stuck inside, but we're all set. The kids & I went out yesterday just to get out of the house. We have flashlights, candles, wood, a generator. Oh yes, and toilet paper.

Let the snowing begin!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The things we do as parents...

As soon as I became a parent, I was amazed at the things I did without even thinking twice--Things I never thought I'd do, let alone enjoy doing. Things that just became part of our routine.

I'll admit, after being a parent for 5 years, I definitely see signs of parental burn-out in my life! There are some days I just can't stand looking for that special stuffy anymore, days I want to throw all the little pieces of toys out the window so we don't spend so much time picking up, days I'm thoroughly ready for a vacation from my life.

I think everyone has days like that. No matter how much you love what you do (parenting or otherwise), there are times you need a break.

Well, do you know what Monday brought? One of those days! Bitsy #1 was such a sweet and calm baby. She rarely threw fits. So when it came time to give up the pacifier, we did it pretty easily. Yes, there were a few tear-filled days, but she used it only for nap and bed time pretty early on.

Bitsy #2, however, has really tested our patience! He is absolutely the sweetest little man... when he wants to be. I've never met such a cranky baby, though, and I've met a lot of babies! So the pacifier has stuck around for much longer than we would have liked. It is definitely the 'silencer' for him.

But they've been disappearing. One by one, they must be growing feet and crawling out the door. Or maybe the little man himself is hiding them somewhere. Either way, they're gone. He lost his last one Monday morning while we were heading out the door to take big sister to preschool.

I looked EVERYWHERE for any of them. Nothing. So we dropped Bitsy #1 off at school and #2 screamed the entire 20 minutes to the nearest town with a store with pacifiers. No joke. He was happy once we got there, had a nice distraction. We found the aisle, grabbed the right brand (yes, he's particular) and guess what!

The missing pacifier dropped onto the floor of the store. Yup, there it was. I still have no idea where it came from. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of miracle I left the store with any brown hair left. Talk about your early greying...


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