Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Custom Design for a Dear Friend

You may remember this gem I shared with you a few months back. My dear childhood friend asked me to put her ideas into an invitation design for her daughter's birthday. Well, the same friend had the most wonderful blessing--they finalized the adoption of daughter #3!! Since it physically hurts that we live on opposite sides of the country, it makes me so happy to be part of the events of their life by helping in little ways...

The invitation is double-sided with the most beautiful quote on one side--a very simple design made unique and elegant with bright colors and a lovely mixture of fonts. (Aren't we the best team?! I've loved everything we've done together... I think I'll edit this one to make a permanent invitation for my collection.)


Congratulations on adding such a special little girl to your eternal family.


Bekah: said...


I could gush and gush about you. You give me credit, when really you are the full creative genius. You amaze me with your talent. On top of being so creative you are one of a kind sweet. Thanks Joan! I cannot wait to see them.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

That turned out amazing! I love it!!


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