Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lost Bitsy & The House Hunt

(Thank you Flickr for the photo!)

I disappeared again! What a crazy time in our little life it is... We started our house hunt. Well, we started looking at homes online and researching neighborhoods months ago, but we began looking at actual houses last week.

After seeing quite a few homes, I felt like it would be a miracle if we found anything do-able. Our price range is low of course since we're young, freshly out of school, and oh yeah, have two kids. It really comes down to compromise and we understand that. It's our first home, after all. So if we want to stay in the city, we'd need to buy a townhouse which means poor Mr. Bitsy wouldn't have any room for his tools, hobbies, etc. It also means ridiculously high taxes.

Or we can move outside of the city and deal with the commute, being further away from some things, but we'd get a huge yard, larger house, and storage/work room. It's been a frustrating week looking at houses. There are SO many short sales out there and so when you go into a home, it feels like the owner just doesn't care anymore. Filthy homes, homes with carpets ripped up, homes with holes in the walls, homes with left-over miscellaneous junk... Out of about 20 homes, we only saw ONE that was move-in-ready. Now, I'm not afraid of cleaning. But some of these homes would take a full month to clean up before we could move in. And they were still at the top of our budget.

So we'll most likely go outside of the city a bit and buy a single family home with a large yard. Yipee! I'll just have to deal with being far away from some things. But you just can't beat a lot of space, two parks nearby, a wonderful library, gorgeous scenery with many fruit orchards... and oh yes, some of our favorite people live there! I think it'll be worth it.


Bekah: said...

Sounds like a challenging situation that I am actually glad we are not in, yet. Although M graduates in May we will not be house ready for a long time. In the meantime I'll live vicariously through you ;)

Good luck! I am excited for you. But who am I kidding mostly excited to see pictures after you put your bitsy touch on it.

Angela said...

...oh it sounds horrible! Good luck and I hope your Dream Home falls right into your lap!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I know about frustrating house hunts. But, let's look on the bright side YAY!!! for the Bitsy Family. This is an exciting time and I can't wait to see what you pick and when you move in. We moved a little farther out this time and there are some benefits. You know those precious bitsy's will love having some extra room inside and out!

Keep us posted. I'm thinking of you!


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