Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Printable Valentines... and More SNOW!!

Morning! We made it through the weekend! It was a snowy, snowy weekend!! Mr. Bitsy works for the government so he had off work yesterday and today because of the snow! We had to take Bitsy #2 to the doctor yesterday and I could not believe some of the roads! All the main roads were clear (and dry, by some miracle), but there were no turning lanes and there were still a few inches of slush on the back roads.

What a mess!! And guess what! They're calling for another 10 - 20 inches today through tomorrow. What will we do?! I love looking out and seeing all the snow, but we're running out of muscle to shovel all this snow!

On a fun note, my printable valentines are doing well!! Hop on over to bitsysgreetings.etsy.com to grab some up! Purchase once and print as many times as you'd like!


Ink Obsession Designs said...

I love the monster one! So creative!

We are suppose to get a foot of snow today. Ugh. Not looking forward to it!

La La La Leah said...

VERY CUTE!! I wish I was as talented as you! Hey you should come out to Utah for the Casual Blogger Conference


For some reason they are letting me put my waxes in their swag bags!! I bet if you wanted to put stuff in there they would let you... its ONLY 100 bags... I wish your could hear my sarcasm... No but its a good opportunity! I HOPE... at least that is what they told me....OH and they have door prizes that have to be worth $75 or more in value....

JennyMac said...



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