Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The things we do as parents...

As soon as I became a parent, I was amazed at the things I did without even thinking twice--Things I never thought I'd do, let alone enjoy doing. Things that just became part of our routine.

I'll admit, after being a parent for 5 years, I definitely see signs of parental burn-out in my life! There are some days I just can't stand looking for that special stuffy anymore, days I want to throw all the little pieces of toys out the window so we don't spend so much time picking up, days I'm thoroughly ready for a vacation from my life.

I think everyone has days like that. No matter how much you love what you do (parenting or otherwise), there are times you need a break.

Well, do you know what Monday brought? One of those days! Bitsy #1 was such a sweet and calm baby. She rarely threw fits. So when it came time to give up the pacifier, we did it pretty easily. Yes, there were a few tear-filled days, but she used it only for nap and bed time pretty early on.

Bitsy #2, however, has really tested our patience! He is absolutely the sweetest little man... when he wants to be. I've never met such a cranky baby, though, and I've met a lot of babies! So the pacifier has stuck around for much longer than we would have liked. It is definitely the 'silencer' for him.

But they've been disappearing. One by one, they must be growing feet and crawling out the door. Or maybe the little man himself is hiding them somewhere. Either way, they're gone. He lost his last one Monday morning while we were heading out the door to take big sister to preschool.

I looked EVERYWHERE for any of them. Nothing. So we dropped Bitsy #1 off at school and #2 screamed the entire 20 minutes to the nearest town with a store with pacifiers. No joke. He was happy once we got there, had a nice distraction. We found the aisle, grabbed the right brand (yes, he's particular) and guess what!

The missing pacifier dropped onto the floor of the store. Yup, there it was. I still have no idea where it came from. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of miracle I left the store with any brown hair left. Talk about your early greying...

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Ink Obsession Designs said...

Oh my gosh! How funny! It must have been stuck on something? It is so weird when stuff like that happens!

BTW, my word verification for this comment is "crying" how fitting! :)


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