Monday, March 29, 2010


If you're not shopping at Aldi, you absolutely should be. I am in love. We haven't had it in Maryland very long, but ever since we have, we've been shopping there and saving an obscene amount on our groceries.

Bitsy #1 adores shopping there for two reasons: one, you never know what they'll have and two, she gets to put the quarter in the cart.

They have their regular items, but they also have different items from time to time that will only show up once or twice. For example, they have toys and clothes mixed in some weeks. We plan on getting an adorable pop-up play tent for Bitsy #2 who has a birthday coming up! It's under $20.

And yes, you have to put a quarter in their shopping carts to use them! It's such a genius idea. You put in your quarter at the start & get it back at the end. They don't have to pay anyone to run laps around the parking lot picking up the carts! GENIUS, I say.

But really, I get the best feeling when we go in there, come out with HUGE bags of groceries, and have only paid $20 or $30. We can find practically everything we need there. (Two small notes. I almost fell over when we tried the soda. Ew. But their cheese crackers? Delicious! Actually better than name brands. Other note: BEST PRODUCE EVER. And so, so cheap. This week? A 10 pound bag of potatoes for under $2. I kid you not. And strawberries? Don't get me started on their delicious strawberries.)

So no, Aldi didn't pay me to say anything, I'm just THAT in love with the store.


Rachel Wagner. said...

Ah Aldi's. That's practically the only place I shopped on my mission. Great deals. Wish they had one in Utah.

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I so know what you mean. We don't have one close, but whenever we have, it is a must. You are so right on the savings and the cart idea is genius. Enjoy your findings and savings. :)


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