Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Logos for Hubby!

Happy Tuesday! Can I just tell you I'm ready to lose my mind? Two things. I've had a headache for more than a week. Yes, it's been here the whole time. Well, almost. I had two blissful hours of headache-free time yesterday. But then it came back.

Two: We're waiting and waiting and waiting to hear back from a bank. We made an offer on a house!!!!! We were ready to just put it back on the back burner for awhile when I saw this adorable little house. We thought we'd see it 'just in case', but we both loved it. It's a foreclosure, so we're waiting around to hear back if that bank will accept our offer. Who knew I was THIS impatient?!

So I've been trying to keep myself busy AND DISTRACTED! Not sure if I've mentioned before, but Hubby is an airplane enthusiast. He adores model airplanes and a few years ago found a simulator where you can fly and crash as many times and not pay a few hundred dollars if you crash the plane! Thank heaven for computers.

Well, the smarty taught himself how to design 3-D models for this software and has now figured out how to take those designs and create actual plans--as in, print this and build your own model plane from his design. Incredible. He never ceases to amaze me.

Of course, that meant creating a logo for his possible business! Hooray! It was so fun to sit down with him and play around with possible logos. The problem was he didn't know quite what to call it... He had an idea of what he wanted--classy and simple. Wings. Maybe a bird? I told him we should do a quail. (Quail-man from that old cartoon Doug, anyone?!) He laughed & said maybe a crane!

So we went from this, which was 'meh':

to this, which was too girly:

to this, which just wasn't working...

Until he came home and had decided on "Inverted G". Perfect! (I didn't know, but it's a maneuver.) I love it. Simple, classy, and quite manly. 


Carrie said...

AND what makes that design even better is the G has the quail feather at the top that is located at the bottom so Quail-man lives on!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Those are so cool! I love the one he chose. :)


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