Monday, March 1, 2010

New Greeting Cards

I'm still working on getting many of my designs 'translated' into matching greeting cards. You can now purchase damask and baby shower thank you cards that match invitations I currently carry.  They are, of course, are great on their own, too:

I also have a few completely new designs I'm adding. They'll be available at and of course at

The Lund greeting cards! I love this design & use it for just about everything. I can replace it with your last name or with a simple 'hello' or 'thank you'.

Moving announcements have been on my 'to do' list for much too long! I plan on adding more soon.

I had the wonderful opportunity to give a gift to my husband's niece for our family gift exchange. I actually didn't have any horses drawn up and knew I needed something for this wonderful horse-lover! Love how these turned out & will add it to my collection soon.


La La La Leah said...

WoW!! You are so awesome and creative!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

I love the moving announcement design! So cute!

Thank you from Jay said...

I like how they are so simple and and elegant...alot of people try to put to much on a card now a days and it makes them to busy...good job I like these alot


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