Monday, May 24, 2010

K'NEX Review & Giveaway!

Well, better late than never! Last week I mentioned I'd have a giveaway to share! I am very excited to present THREE K'NEX sets! THREE lucky winners will win a building set from K'NEX. More details below.

The kids and I took one rainy day and played with our new toys! We literally had hours--yes, hours--of fun together, which is really saying something for us. We're project-hoppers. We like to do art for a little, build something for a little, play with trains for a little, go back to art, etc.

But none of us wanted to stop playing with the K'NEX sets! We started with Cookie Monster's Basketball Building Set. It's appropriate for ages 2-5, but both my two year old and my five year old loved it. It was a challenge for the two year old and easy for the five year old, but she put it together quickly and then played with it for awhile.

Next we put together the Fire Rescue Set. I'll admit, I played with this more than the kids did. Bitsy #1 (who is 5) enjoyed helping me find the pieces and putting them where they belonged. It was clear she could not do this on her own, of course, which is why the set is recommended for 5+. It was such a great activity for the two of us to do together, though.

These sets are absolutely amazing. There are numerous parts so you can build SO many different things. The instruction book has a handful of step-by-step instructions, but you can let your creativity go a little wild as you come up with many more possibilities. The best part is that these are "Collect & Build" sets which means if you purchase another set, the parts will fit together. At their reasonable prices, these sets truly are worth every penny.

So we are very happy to present THREE giveaways!
#1: Swim Time Ernie Building Set which is appropriate for ages 2-5. Regular price is $12.99
"Your child can build Sesame Street's friendliest resident, Ernie, dressed in his bathing suit and ready to take a swim! This 14 piece set includes parts to build Ernie, complete with snorkel and flippers, on his way to the pool, lake or beach! "Play & Learn" activity sheet filled with collaborative and educational fun for parent and child is also included along with additional building ideas. When playtime is over store the parts in the handy canister for a quick and easy clean-up."

OR you could win #2: Backhoe which is recommended for 5+, priced at $12.99.
"Collect & Build the Construction Crew Series! Each set comes with K'NEX parts, including bricks, rods and connectors to build an exciting construction vehicle. There is also a K'NEXman to operate the vehicle, and construction accessories to play with! You can build on the brick plate that is included in the set, then combine all four sets and the brick plates become your own actual construction site! Recommended for builders ages 5+."

OR you could win #3: Excavator which is also meant for ages 5+ and priced at $12.99.

Each comment counts as ONE entry. Please let me know if you're interested in the Ernie set (for 2-5 year olds) or one of the Collect & Build sets (ages 5+) when you enter.

1--Visit the K'NEX website and let me know your favorite!
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Winners will be chosen Friday, June 4th, so be sure to have your entry in by June 3rd!


Melanie said...

after reviewing all the personal favorite is the Road Rigs...I want to build the Semi Truck!!

Melanie said...

ok...I became a fan of K'NEX on facebook

#2 - became a follower of your facebook

#3 - became a follower of your blog

#4 - getting ready to post your giveaway on my blog :o)

Melanie said...

I am so blog illiterate ;o) I posted the giveaway in 2 entries...haven't figured out how to put it all on one, lol....

Happy Day, Joan!!!

(and if I win....I would like the older K'NEX set)

crystal said...

intereseted in connect and build 5+

crystal said...

love the motorized madness ball machine

crystal said...

fan of knex on facebook

crystal said...

your facebook fan

crystal said...

follow your blog

Jessica said...

My favorite thing on the K'nex site is the Elmo treasure island set.
Here, I like the Ernie swimming set.

Tonya H said...

I love the elmo set! I am a Fan O knex on facebook

Tonya H said...

I am a fan of Bitsy creations on Facebook.

You have super cute designs too!

tonyaharmati at gmail dot come

Tonya H said...

I am a google follower too! Lookign forward to your future posts and contests!

Tonyaharmati at gmail dot come

Tonya H said...

I blogged about it as well:)

The ernie set would be good for my 3 year old:)

tonyaharmati at gmail dot come

Abbi said...

love the C&B Amusement set
kidpack05 at yahoo dot com

Abbi said...

like Knx on FB
kidpack05 at yahoo dot com

Abbi said...

like you on FB(terryw)
kidpack05 at yahoo dot com


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