Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The End is Near....

Has this summer just been eating your time up, too? Between the heat, the visitors we've had, and school coming, I've been away from blogging too long!

So here we are... two weeks away from school. Have I mentioned my "baby" is going off to Kindergarten? I just don't know what I'll do. I'm so used to having my dear around, but she is so completely ready to go. It will be wonderful for her to make some new friends and have time away from her little brother who adores her, of course, but also smothers her just a tad.

We're getting ready buying our supplies and labeling it. Yes, for one of the very first times, I am using my own fabric labels! It was a little difficult for me to print out sweet little fabric labels with a hippo (her favorite) and my daughter's name...

I've been getting a bunch of orders from other moms doing the same thing: getting the kids ready to send to school. So please remember that I'm thinking of all the first-time-school-moms! And remember that my labels are perfect for ironing onto school items, not just your businesses.

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susie said...

I love them! I love that you can do anything.

Could you do a wedding countdown calendar type thing with quotes every few days? I'm imagine a pull away or a two ringed paper thing. If not, that's cool. I tried doing one for kate and it was all cut out crooked and looked like Mads did it. Thanks, you can do anything!


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