Monday, August 16, 2010

A Full Summer

We have had such a full summer. I've thoroughly enjoyed visits with family these past few months. We've been spoiled because they've mostly come to us!!

Yesterday was such a fun time. We celebrated two of my brothers' birthdays and had a very full house at Grandma & Grandpa's! One of my brothers lives in Korea, so whenever he's home (usually once a year) we try to all get together. So another brother was in town for just the day & snapped this adorable photo of Bitsy #2 at church:

What cheeks!! My parents & two of my brothers sat behind us yesterday at church--I got to watch as my little two year old slipped under the pew & squeezed himself between my brothers. My heart was so full! So wonderful to see everyone yesterday and so sad to see those who live far away go back. Family, though we are not perfect, is such a wonderful blessing.

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