Friday, October 22, 2010

$5 back if you send a photo

My Kidlet Bowls & plates are selling like hot-cakes! I'm so excited each time I hear about the sweet little boy or girl who is sure to love this gift!

So from now until January 15th, if you order any Kidlet product, you can get $5 sent back to you if you send me a photo to use! You'll pay full price when you order. Once you receive the item, snap a photo of your own Kidlet with it and email to me at
Once received, I'll send $5 back to you!

You can find Customizable Kidlets on my website here
or in my Etsy shop here.

Small Print:
• I will never share your personal information! If you send a photo of your child, I certainly will not say "Thank you so & so for sharing a photo of your beautiful son who lives at.... in this city...." Promise!
• When you send a photo, you're agreeing that you or someone you know took the photo & you have permission to use it. You are also allowing me to use it on my website, blog, facebook page, and/or Etsy shop.


Angela said...

So cute! Several years ago, I painted family pottery very similar to that. I still have people to this day asking me for it and I know it has been at least 7 years since I painted my last piece! You are going to do great this Christmas - get ready! I haven't looked at the shop yet so I am not sure if you already have them but - people go crazy over ornaments like that (I painted a ton of them) Off to look in the shop!

Dolce Baci said...

Those are adorable!


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