Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grammar & Spelling with Bitsy: Prepositions

Prepositions: Do you remember that word from elementary school?

Let me give you a little hint.

"Where you at?"

Oh gosh, I just can't get over this one. I cannot even express how angry those commercials made me. Once you hear something on a commercial over and over and over, I truly feel you begin to hear it that way in your head and believe it's correct.

So back to prepositions. They create a relationship between other words. Believe it or not, you CAN end a sentence with a preposition. In fact, you need a preposition at the end sometime. Trust me, no one is expecting you to become Snooty McSnooterson and say, "From whom did you get that?" You really are allowed to say "Who did you get that from?" and end your question with a preposition.

Just don't clutter up your sentences when the meaning is clear without the preposition.

For example, why say, "Where did he go to?" when you can simply say, "Where did he go?" and you're understood.

More examples:
Where did you get this at? (This one is huge.)
I will get that later on.

This rule also applies to the middle of the sentence, too:
He's outside of the door.
Cut it up into pieces, please.

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Stunning- said...

My family is a huge user of "Would you like to go.."



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