Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House Projects

Ah, our house. Our big, big, seemingly-never-ending project. I am in love with our home, though. I love making it our own. It's so sweet and cozy and just as soon as we finish our basement, we really will have a place for everything! I'm thrilled & clearly cannot wait for that day to come!

We are almost completely done demolishing in the basement right now. (We found mold after we moved in and had to start over... what a nightmare.) Anyway, once finished, we will make it the playroom and mama office! I keep thinking about how to make the best use of our space. Organization is key!

And since we have become the king & queen of DIY home projects, I've been searching sites for something just right... a bookshelf of some sort that we can use for toys. The lovely Ana White has more than one solution, but this one is my favorite:

Make sure to click on the link above to see how so many people have built this and changed things to suit their own needs. LOVE them all! Once we finish the basement and get my office out of the loft, we can make the loft a lovely little library. We have these amazing red bookshelves with glass doors--from an old law office--that I adore. I asked Mr. Bitsy if I could choose the chair. Ha!

I got a huge eyeroll when I showed him this:

He said, "Don't we have enough damask in our house already?" I assumed he was talking about our curtains... they're TOILLE! Shows how much he knows! Kidding, kidding. He puts up with so much from me. 


Bekah: said...

Your red bookcases are to die for. Gorgeous! That chair is so cool, but I'd want something comfy and down to sink into and never return from (sometimes)

susie said...

I love it all, Joan! Will you post pictures when you're done? And I love your loft that overlooks everything. I'm excited to see what you and Joshua pull out because of your mad skills!


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